There is always sunshine after rain

Last Update: December 21, 2015

Have been three hard days, working on my sites.
Had the Saturday free to just make some progress to all three of my sites.
But i did get some kind of "writer's block".


First I sat down with my Swedish blog about school and it came up very short, just 250 words, but ok, the Christmas break has just stated so it was ok.

Then I sat down with my soccer site......and had no idea what to write about or promote.
Well I have started bootcamp again, made some changes of one of my old sites and published it. But it out in the discussion-comment-thread.
I know my English is far from perfect:
I got some negative criticism. And it hit me hard :)
I know that all criticism is good but I just couldn't take that.

My thought was, well this wasn't my day, make some progress tomorrow.


Sunday morning. Up and away to my sons soccer training. Futsal.
Was a really good training. We all had fun.
Went home and then my son realized he forgot hid futsal ball in the sports hall :(
Nevermind, I can pick it up during the week.
Continued with my bootcamp and it was time for the WA-review and......O was stuck, had no idea how to write it! No ideas for my other sites either :)
And again, well there is always a tomorrow ^^


Took the car to go and by some food and what the **** , both my
headlights on the car was not working. Had to turn the switch to get some lights.
End of that day :)

Today I got a package with a hood I had bought online to my son, for Christmas, and packed it up and.... up I took some "sexy" female underwear!!!
It was just to much, so I showed them for my sons and asked if he wanted it instead of the hood. We had a good laughter :D
(He said yes :D )

After that came Kyle's inspiring post about the first sale and it was just what I needed.
I'm right on track again :)

There is always sunshine after rain!

Don't give up just hang in there!


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paulgoodwin Premium
just keep learning - and sharing and learning and sharing
JudeP Premium
Keep on keeping on! Good luck in all that you do :)
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Thank you Jude!