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Last Update: November 18, 2015

Back to basics, back to school.

Now I’m ready to really start it all up again, I have already been wrighting 3 blog posts without having stared my site. I’m eager to get going but I know that I need to take it step by step so I will go back to course 1, lesson 1 and do it properly from scratch. My biggest problem is that I’m going to do this site in Swedish so I don’t really know how to find “hanging fruits” and good keywords.
I’m working on it and if someone have any good advice I will appreciate them.
I haven’t figure out what name on my site I will choose either, but I think it will be hard for most of you to help me out with that J

But I have been searching around and found a Swedish alternative to clickbank , called Shoutly.
Haven’t checked it out yet, if it will work for me, but it is an advice to any swedes out here.
I still need to learn how to set up Amazon but as I remember it will come in one of the lesson.

My goal this week is to have been setting up my site this week and learn how to set up an Amazon account.

Without dreams we want get far and I have many dreams that inspire me to do the work now!

Before I was publishing I got some advice's from veronica.l regarding site-name and how to find keywords in Swedish. Tank you!
This community is just the best!

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