Back On Track - Just ending course 2

Last Update: November 25, 2015

I'm just on may way ending course 2 and jumping in to the third one.

Due to have done this three years ago it went quite smooth. Had some issues with the theme set up but with a question here in WA and it was solved quickly.
My biggest problem is that I have done things in the past so when I'm reading training and tips that comes up in here I get so many ideas in my haed that doesn't fit with my newborn site so I have to holding myself back, thinking "One stpe at the time, nice and easy" :)

When it comes to mu new website,, I have to skip some of the tasks on the way because its in Swedish so it's not so many in here that can read and put comments. But I must thank Veronica, she's been a great help!
Here is a little picture of the subject of my site:

I'm a teacher and the school-system is falling and I can't be quiet anymore :)

I know I already have traffic!
Some of my colleagues had already been in and they will continue reading.
That is a great success for me :D

My plan for the next three months is to keep make progress to the site.
Make some pages that can monetize.
Practice my English with blogs here.
Aand getting my English site fixed so I can make that one successful too.

Haven't got a 6 month goal, I have to wait until summer vacation and then I have 8 weeks of free-time = WA-work :) .

Over and out!

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JSchroe Premium

I live in Norway so I understand Swedish too. I am pretty new here but if you want any help I will gladly try. :)

Good luck!
maxser67 Premium
It would be nice if you can check it out :)
JSchroe Premium
The site is looking nice and I am impressed and agree totally with the content! I would make the site a little more visual if possible. Because of the grey background and not that many images it isn´t as attractive as you maybe want it to be!
Have a nice day!
maxser67 Premium
Thanks Jan!
I was thinking about that my self the other day.
Easier to do something about it when it comes from another person :)
JSchroe Premium
That´s true. I also waited a while with images but once you have them there it is so much more attractive! :)