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Last Update: September 29, 2018

Well, I have begun my journey towards happiness. As of today, I have made my choice. I really wish to make this my career, and have already spoken to Kyle and Roope, the latter being the one I already knew quite the bit of by watching his videos and website content. Some of you may already have seen me, I have been around asking some questions, because I'd like to know whatever I can before I am actually going to do this. I'm someone who'd like to have security, because unclarity can make me very stressed. I am called Max and live in the Netherlands. I was born in December 1996, which makes me 21 years of age if you do the math. Honestly, I do not like my life here that much and would like to immigrate into Canada with my girlfriend if all goes well and life a quiet, peaceful life together. Me and my girlfriend have a relationship of almost two years long, but I am fairly confident we will make it well into marriage, because she understands me on an emotional level more than anyone else in my life ever could. Sometimes, you just know things are made to last, and this is one of them. I am very excited about this opportunity because it had given me a lot of hope for me and my wife-to-be's future. Before I came across Wealthy Affiliate, I had an idea of what I wanted to reach in life, but I could not find a stable path to get where I want to take us. I've always wanted to provide, to take care of her the best I can, but so far I could not find an opportunity like this one. I am happy about this because this means I can work on our future and still sit in the same room as she is, and not have to go to some workplace every morning, come home late and barely see her, because that would make me sad beyond words. I have very specific and different emotional needs than the average standard, because I am a very emotional man in the heart. I can't stand not being with my girlfriend for a long time and she has the same.

I already wish to thank everyone on this site for being so supportive and willing to help. It really means a lot and I believe with all the help I'm getting, I can surely make it if I put the effort in. I believe I have found my dream job. Being at home with my girlfriend, writing, and making money while doing it. I always used to love writing, but I never followed any kind of education or course for it. I wrote little stories when I was still a kid on my parents' computer, some of which I wrote because I didn't like the way a movie ended for example. Now I've got my own laptop and I'm still writing at times, I've even wanted to make an autobiography at one point in my life. I am all ready to sit patiently through my training, which I will start soon, but if I'm honest I can't wait for the real thing to start.

If I am able to make money with this, I will be in life-debt to Wealthy Affiliate and all its users who helped me along the way. This could save my life.

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RoopeKiuttu Premium
Great to have you here in the Wealthy Affiliate community. Looking forward to your progress! :)
Godsmack12 Premium
Welcome. Rock your success.
Thank you! I certainly will fight for it.