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As I opened up WA today and got ready to follow some new comers to WA.I noticed something very strange that I've never noticed before.Two indentical twins!And both of them are dogs! Ok I understand dogs can give birth to twins.But when they speak exactly the that's something that rang alarm bells.I mean their dog profiles were exactly the same not just pictures but what's written in their profiles.(So that's twin photo twin bio and twin referer to WA). Am I seeing double or is someth
Hi WA people.An update to my previous post.Yahoo & Bing have placed my site in both 1st page & 1st positions.What's going on?Google playing stubborn horses?I dont know...I'm tired..lolAnyway keep pushing y'all Wealthy AffiliatesKeep good use of Jaxxy keyword tool. What can I say - A blessing!New members your in the right place to make it happen for you. Keep patient and learn from WA's really is a life charger!Kyle & Carson and the Team - A BIG THANK YOU FOR THIS PLATF
Hi WA members how you all doing?Just sharing some happiness with y'all.Two days into launching my second website and I've hit 1st position and 1st page on Yahoo. Wealthy Affiliate you guys are awesome...I'm still learning at snail pace but I see it being a very good year. (Not to forget - make good use of Jaxxy keyword tool. For both keywords and site rankings)For the new starters here at WA - Dont give up..keep going. Tell yourself I'm in this for life and make progress as much as you can.I ho
Me joining Wealthy Affiliate has been a good step in the right direction for learning how to work online and create websites etc. JOIN HERE IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY have been a member for about 5 months now and I've had a few challenges and changes within that time that put me on pause mode. (I changed my job and city so its kind of a fresh start).I missed a few monthly payments to Wealthy Affiliate but these guys are so cool, they allow you time t
Wealthy Affiliates... got ranked! 1st in Google 10th position. Then for some reason it disappeared.Now ranked in both & Yahoo.comI must be doing something right then!WA is an awesome training platform.Thanks to the WA team!Jaaxy is a brilliant keyword tool! I'm just getting started...Hopefully a bright future ahead for us all.Just thought I'd share that will you all.Best of success to you all.
December 11, 2017
Yep! $7.00 bought me 7 ghosts...What happened?Well I had an account with Adfly com ...and some dead change in my paypal account which I thought let me use it and see what happens. I had actually forgotten I had an account with Adfly...and I still need to forget I've got an account with them.Here's what happened in a nutshell - I signed in to Adfly my account was still open with no security checks, haven't used them for years. I bought CPM traffic to my WA afffili link and paid just $7.00 for 70
A month into WA...and its been very informative and confident building.The time has gone by so fast I didnt realize a month had gone since I started.I have wrote a fews posts within this month. But feel I can do better.The training has been spot on. And the video tutorials make it so much easier.I did get a few moments where my mind just went blank...I had to just return to the task later on or the next day.I am looking forward to increasing in skills and knowlegde here at WA.I get alittle puzz