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What is the deal with Google + anyway huh? I do not know about everyone else but I can not follow anyone or become friends or anything else !!( SAY WHATT !!) Yeah that is right Google informs me every day that I can no longer have more friends or follow them because I have reached my limit ( is that CRAZY or WHAT?)I guess you can only have 4800 friends or followers and that please excuse my language SUCKS!!! I have never heard more of a bunch of crap in my life .If that is not a case of co
OH yes I am going back to the beginning for the third time I just seem to keep missing important parts of the training due to my (S.O.S ) if anyone knows a cure for this I would appreciate it because I really need the help and the cure .Now I know some of you are saying what the H##lL is he talking about . I guess I should have gave a definition what S.O.S. means .The meaning for this is Shiny Object Syndrome .This is where you get distracted from what you are doing when you see something th
August 09, 2016
Just to for warn all of you that I am back from the dead because I have finally got every thing moved from Maine to Florida and I see that my rank is way down to 348 and that will change real quick . In my absence I have learned quite a bit from just surfing the net and I plan on sharing it with every one here and all over .Some things where from experience and some where from learning and others from research ..Believe you me I have missed my great big family here and am so excited to be back
Have you ever felt like yelling at the top of your lungs because of something you accomplished ? Well that is how I am feeling right now !As a lot of you know I have been in the process of moving from Maine to Florida and have not spent a lot of time here as my rank suggests (if you care about ranking here) .Now I am back for the attack (as I like to say)and I have new vigor and determination to become a success in my niches So today I was answering some questions and comments I looked at my b
.Let me tell you a true story about PMA (positive mental attitude ) in action ok? First I need to give you a little history of the situation . I had came down to Florida for a visit a couple of months prior to my soulmate and I moving here .Since she had retired we thought that we would check out Florida to see if this was a place for us to retire to. I had also some other reasons to come here since my mother was here and also my younger brother .Plus we wanted to be close to the ocean
March 20, 2016
Yes that is right I said it ! I have to make a change but do not fret it is not leaving my wonderful WA family because that would never happen .What I do mean is , I am moving to Viera Florida with my wonderful soul mate you see Our children are all grown now and they have children of their own .Yes I love my grandchildren and love being around them but I believe that it is time for us now.It may sound a little selfish but I want to share the rest of my life with my soul mate who has sacrificed
February 03, 2016
Do you ever ask yourself where does all the time go ? Well I have ,in fact that is exactly what I am doing right now.I have working my rear off for almost 2 weeks now and there is still not enough time in the day to get everything done ,but that does not mean I will give up or stop trying.I will tell you what I have accomplished in these 2 weeks ,starting with completing Boot Camp phase 1 lessons 3 through 8 , getting started phase 1 lesson 3 through 8 . I have commented on over 75 websites
January 29, 2016
Yes that 's right I said my Super Heroes .And I bet the first thing that comes to your head is Who What is he talking about .In order for me to tell you I have to take you on a journey , so let me ask you are you ready to take this ride because it has a lot of bumps and bruises along the way. Ok it looks like you are still here so here we go .As you know it is pretty easy to build a website because it is basically done for you , in fact you already have the seo aio installed for you and also
January 23, 2016
Holey Toledo I am 57 today and I just found out that KImberly Holmes birthday is today too .So I just wanted to say happy birthday and many more and I think this great WA family should give a shout to her and wish her a happy Birthday all the best Max
I bet you are saying what do you mean Wealthy Affiliate training shows again and here is why .I went and checked how my latest post ranked on Google from my site and low and behold it is on page 1 position 5 . So I said to myself oh what the heah let me see how my new site is ranking figured it would not even show on Google and I almost lost it when I saw it is on page 1 position 3 now that is just crazy the site has only been on for a week now