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July 06, 2021
Greetings WA legends!I'm not really EVER one to just throw in a short post, but it has been a while now since I posted anything on here, purely because we're still just getting smashed by kids and 'life' itself-I've never been busier in my life!! I used the pic above, because that's how I feel sometimes around here, like a guy just floating around in space somewhere, trynna find the time (and inspiration at times!) to put in the work I NEED to, in order to see the results I'm chasing. What bugs
Greeetings WA legends, hope everyone is well this fine Wednesday evening (or whatever time it is for you) :-)Wow, in commencing this little piece of blurb, I've just realised the last time I made any kinda WA post was back in December 2020!The main reason for this? PURELY lack of time. As I found in the very beginning, around 6 months ago, TIME is still the constant luxury I have VERY little of-outside of my job, and after taking care of the kids and their 'many' needs lol.Progress is a Process
So it's now been almost 2 months for me, since joining WA, and learning how to create a website. I have been amazed at how much I have already managed to pick up and learn during my time here, and just at how resourceful this platform is for practically anything one wishes to know about creating websites, and an online presence. I have been thoroughly enjoying my journey here thus far, but with my recent turn of events in life, everything in my family & home life has been turned up upside
December 11, 2020
Wow. I'm only about 2 weeks into age 40 now, and can definitely say, without exaggeration or misconceptions, I have NEVER been busier in my life! It feels like it's one of those moments in life where we're going to look back and go "Yeah, wow, we survived that, & we even thrived" I'm hoping my journey here on WA, and the website I've started building, is what's going to be the part that allows us to start thriving, once I get my head around it all. That is the first of a few things that are
December 07, 2020
Well it's a little after 10pm here on a Monday night and I'm already scrambling to get anywhere near completing the things I'd hoped to by the end of today-but as it tends to do, LIFE happens. I can at least say it was a productive day at work, processing around 350 invoices for the day (very thrilling stuff), but aside from that, I wanted to have at least ONE blog post on my website by today, but that appears not likely to happen at this point.I also have about 6 out of 10 pages of homework t
December 01, 2020
I had to update my pic sadly (due to patient privacy concerns) but this picture above is a much nicer, sleeker version of what I stare at all day at work-2 computer screens, pretty much everyday Mon-Fri each week. It's certainly not overly exciting, placing, tracking equipment and stock orders for hospitals and health centres. As you could've seen on my original photo, a small tab open for Wealthy Affiliate, amongst all the work windows open. This is my bite sized piece of WA productivity-fitte
November 24, 2020
Well I've hit that 'scary' number of celebrating four decades on this earth today! It's funny, looking back, through the likes of the facebook 'on this day' memories etc, I cannot believe it's already been TEN WHOLE YEARS since I had an awesome 30th Beach party, at the beach house we rented at the time, on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia. Although that was an amazing day, and night, full of great friends, great times, and LOADS of fun, it can at times put a bit of a damper on it when I thin
I'm currently at the point in my WA journey where I'm in the process of setting up my first ever website. This is extremely exciting for me, as it has instantly helped me to maintain a certain amount of excitment just in general life. I'm still getting up each morning, usually by 5.30am (our 8 month old daughter VERY rarely sleeps past 5am), and after getting children dressed, fed and dropped off to childcare, dropping off wifey, then getting myself to work, my FIRST order of business everyday
October 28, 2020
Being my first official post on here, I felt it only right for me to speak on the PHENOMENAL community aspect of this ridiculously well designed site/platform known as Wealthy Affiliates.They say "It takes a village to raise a child" and I have to admit, that in my somewhat 'limited' online business experience, after researching, reading and studying a plethora of various programs and sites on the web, I have NEVER encountered one that is so well set up, or provides such an enthusiastic, driven