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Last Update: September 04, 2015

After 3 days from having joined WA, and having become a Premium member as well, think it's time to tell a bit more about myself and the reasons why I decided to joined this awesome group of people!

For the occasione I've also updated my bio, and I'm pasting here the same description!

Hope you'll like it and will tell me something about ;)


I've always been fascinated about people able to work "online", that is without having an office to be in or a specific schedule to respect... I think of myself as a "free spirit", seriously willing to learn new skills and to understand how/why things happen.

Being "stucked" in an office (even if I was actually well paid for what I did and the environment wasn't too bad I presume) was one of the worst things I've ever done so far, because I couldn't really enjoy my time as I wished, and had to spend valuable hours only for making other people's wallets bigger and bigger...

This is the main reason why, only recently I have to admit (just few weeks ago I couldn't believe there were ways to REALLY make money online), I finally decided to resign from my job and take a deeeeeeep plunge in order to invest ALL my daytime in building some good income online!

Apart from this I know I'll be able (again, after a long time) to enjoy my life doing other things I definitely love, like training (body and mind), riding my mountain bike, hiking, and hopefully travelling much more than I've done so far.

Wish me a good luck please, I'm doing the same to all of you right now! :)

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jth99 Premium
It looks like that you have some niches already. So i suggest go through most of the courses for there you will learn the best way to setup your website. You will then be setup to make the best possible income. Good luck.
matteone Premium
thank you Jan, may I ask you which kiches are you talink about? Maybe outdoor activities and stuff?
jth99 Premium
Like the training of body and mind, riding and mountain biking, hiking, and traveling. Right there you have 4 different niches. But you need to do the courses Start with "Get Started Here" in the top left column. You can't rush it but it will explain everything that you need to know. I hope this helps?
matteone Premium
yes, thank you! I'm not going to create any website before having watched a lot of training videos/guides here no worries