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As long as I can't create any Training, I'm going to write here how I managed to get a great score (above 90%) not only on Pingdom and GTMetrix, but also with Google PageSpeed Insight!The 2 main issues of my website were related with the rules "Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content" and "Leverage browser caching".Even though my website scored 98%-97% with GTMetrix, and was very well recognized also by the Pingdom SpeedTest tool, it also got 74% on the mobile che
Well,while I'm still improving my (empty) website, mainly with plugins and basic pages (ie. who I am, what's the website about, privacy policy and so no...), I've successfully completed the first course here on WA...Kind of completed actually, I have to write down the content of About me page and the Privacy Policy, which have to be slightly different from the ones published on WA because of the main language I decided to use for the very first website (it's going to be in Italian).Hopefully I'
September 14, 2015
A couple of weeks are passed since when I got here at WA and, even though I couldn't spend a lot of time as I imagined at first, I've already done few mandatory things in order to start my online business.So far I've choosen a (hopefully good) niche, bought a new domain and installed wordpress on a pretty fast hosting provider.At the moment I'm configuring Wordpress installing the must-have plugins (at least, the ones I used to use with my previous websites) and trying to figure out whether a f
September 04, 2015
After 3 days from having joined WA, and having become a Premium member as well, think it's time to tell a bit more about myself and the reasons why I decided to joined this awesome group of people!For the occasione I've also updated my bio, and I'm pasting here the same description!Hope you'll like it and will tell me something about ;)-----------------I've always been fascinated about people able to work "online", that is without having an office to be in or a specific schedule to respect... I
September 02, 2015
Hi all,this is my very first post here on WA and hopefully there will be many many others within the next days/weeks/months and so on...I'm currently taking time to understand how everything works and the best way to start my journey through the tons of material in this websiteGood luck to you allBest regardsMatteo