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Intergrity - In every thing you write.

What is Integrity?

There are two real definitions of integrity. When we talk about the integrity of a structure or a building, we talk about how solid or sturdy the struture is. We speak in terms of how durable and stable the structure is. When we talk about the integrity of a person, we generally are talking about how truthful a person is. The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. How honorable someone is. We talk in terms of high morals and good character. I am not sure when those values changed, but we see less and less integrity every day. We see it changing in our customer service. We certainly see it on Social Media. They now have a badge that shows being in Facebook Jail. Somewhere in the last 10 years or more, we have just accepted this lack of integrity across the board. Well let me tell you something, It has not. Some people may choose not to show their intergrity or moral character, but for most people of the civiized world, Ingerity defines who you are. Integrity is your word. It is your bond to everyone who knows you. It builds trust with people. and as you will find out soon, trust is everything when you have a website and start writing posts, blogs, and articles on your topics.

Today, especially on the world wide web, there is very little integrity. It is hard to tell who is telling the truth and who is lying to us. Yes, you can look up almost anything on the internet, but is it the truth, fact, of just fiction. The fact is that most people hide behind social media, and print mostly falsehoods, and opinons, all based on what they herd on social media, or from what they hear from their friends. No one takes responsibility any more. Most people are just lazy, and take what they read in blogs as the truth. And that my friends, is just lack of integrity. We must do the research, before we post anything on the internet, especially on your personal website. If people are going to trust you, and your web page, you have to build trust in your writing, and the information you present. Did you know over 81% of US customers trust information received from blogs? Even purchase decisions are often driven by the credibility of your brand. To earn the trust of your customers, you need to invest time and hard work. So how do we build trust?

Things to Remember Before Building Trust with Blogging

Take It Slow

How long do you take to trust a person? In fact, according to some survey's, it takes over two years for customers to trust a brand. With active and effective blogging, you can cut this time frame even shorter though. Trusting anyone or anything takes time and it is best to accept it so that you can begin strategizing your blog content. Moreover, trying unfair ways to speed up trust on your blog is not sustainable.

Earning Trust

Most people trust others based on how essential, honest, credible, transparent or kind they are. The virtual world of blogging echoes this reality to a large extent. When you create honest content that helps the reader, they feel indebted to you or grateful. It could also be your consistency or valuable tips that trigger trust. In short, ‘resourcefulness’ should be the underlying objective of every article you create.

Researching will only get you so far with your readers. You need to start trusting them even if it means being vulnerable. It will help readers relate to your blogs and connect with your brand. Sharing unique ways to help your readers will also resolve their problems and also impresses them even more.

Personal Touch

The first step to establish an emotional connection with the reader is by personalizing your blog content. Try to write as you would talk to a friend or open up about honest personal experiences in your blog posts. There’s no need to write a memoir but referring to personal experiences in your content can bring the reader closer. Sharing real-life photos can also intrigue your prospects even further.

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Vulnerable

When you confess your mistakes to readers, it makes them feel better about themselves. Doing so automatically proves that you trust the readers. Write blog posts describing your learning curves, mistakes, and challenges so that you can explain how you overcame it and help the customer too.

Tell A Story

For a customer, stories are also memorable. A heart-warming story can evoke strong emotional reactions from your target audience. You can use impactful stories on your blogs to persuade readers to take action or humanize the brand. When most of us tell a story, we also disclose a new part of us that otherwise remains hidden. Use it to get to your customers.


Building trust is an important way of showing your readers that you care. Without trust, your brand becomes ordinary and dispensable. In the long run, trustworthy brands will keep attracting new customers from their steady stream of loyal blog readers too.

Accordingly, use the tips and strategies listed above to create blogs that grab the attention of the prospects with an eye towards building and maintaining trust.

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Jesusfan Premium
Great post, Michael. I agree with what you said. Integrity, honesty, truthfulness, are essential in this business. Thanks, too, for the tips on writing.

MAstuto Premium
Thank you Lynn for the response. I hope that helped. Good luck.
Jimmyk16 Premium
I agree with you Michael hard work and research produces an honest reliable blog, and don't forget to check the references and citations.
Good information.
MAstuto Premium
Absolutely Jimmy. Our word is all we really have.
Only1Hugh Premium
Hey Michael totally agree. It really does take time to build a relationship built on trust. And yes you do have to let people into your world so that they can identify some in a way that they can learn from the opportunities and challenges you face. Appreciate the post. Thanks

MAstuto Premium
Thanks Hugh. This is a crazy journey we are on for each of us. I am glad to be part of it with gentlemen like yourself, who aim to encourage and motivate others along this trip, like myself.
Thanks for the response,
Only1Hugh Premium
My pleasure Mike.
helenwentri2 Premium
This is an excellent post. Thank you for sharing it.
MAstuto Premium
Thank you Helen. It is something I have prided myself on my entire life.
All the best,
GeoffreyC1 Premium
There certainly are a lot of scams on the internet and it has made people so reluctant to commit.
MAstuto Premium
I totally agree. It is our job as members of Wealthy Affiliate members to help change that internet persona. We have a great thing here, a wonderful community and solid training we can share with others. Let's do this brother. Thanks for the comment.
All the best Michael