Make Money Online vs Make Money From Home

Last Update: May 06, 2019

It looks like often these two terms are used as synonyms. But they are not the same.

Did you ever wonder what's the difference?

Making Money Online

Making money online is just one of the ways to make money from home.

Some examples of making money online (however, some are not that straightforward)

1. Blogging - you create a website, write content and make money from affiliate marketing and ads. Sometimes you might want to add some not online activities like research and networking.

2. Running e-commerce shop - you create an online store (like on Shopify)

3. Selling online courses or printables

4. Virtual Assistant, Ghost Writer, Social Media Manager, Proof Reader - help clients to do some web related tasks

5. Surveys - use one (or many) of survey platforms that pay you little money for answering questions.

Making money from home

Many people actually mean being self-employed when they say "making money from home", but it's not precisely correct.

Literally speaking, this category should only include jobs that you do without leaving your house.

1. Making and selling goods - soaps, crafts, food, jewelry.

2. Coaching in various areas - self-improvement, business, health

3. Remotely working for a regular employer.

4. Running home-based business like Airbnb, daycare, petcare.

Side Hustles

This is where I put small jobs you can do on flexible schedule, not necessarily from home.

1. Driving - Uber, Lift, Food deliveries etc.

2. Babysitting and pet sitting at the client's place

3. Mini Task jobs - running errands for others

4. Instacart, mystery shopping - grocery shopping related jobs

What do you think about these distinctions? Did you find yourself mixing them up?

Why is it important? Well, because if you think your niche is "Make Money Online" or "Make Money From Home", you need to understand what your competition is and what is relevant to your niche.

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AlanJE Premium Plus
Hi Mary, I agree there are many ways to Make Money From Home, which are not Making Money Online, some of which you listed above Alan
MaryFRM Premium
I just see people mix it every day.
FKelso Premium Plus
Good points. Thanks.
Marsh71 Premium
Good one Mary! Have a great day! Mahesh
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, Mary.
Hollshope Premium
Nice distinction between the two terms. You taught me something new - thank you!
MaryFRM Premium
Thank you