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Last Update: May 09, 2018

Accountability Post #1 - I stated in my Goals that I would be dedicating at least 2 hours a day to achieve my goals. I have been up since 4:45 am here in Australia working my way through the amazing training provided WA. I have finished the niche section and created my first website here, the first question I have for the community may be a little intrusive but here it is.

What niche are you in? What do you Love?

In the past, I have come across those that hold this answer very close and don't tell anyone due to being scared of their idea or niche being stolen, personally, I don't subscribe to this scarcity mentality so I will lead the way!

I love Mobile Technology so its only right that my first website be dedicated to that !! I'm that guy that will watch reviews on youtube for tech I don't own or don't plan to buy, just because... I love tech

What niche are you in? What do you love?

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GRobertson1 Premium
Hi I started here with Champ car Prints , General Security Investment Involvement... and so waiting is a long time, but the Winfall is great , hold on to your hats this wasn't be Fast ride, Cheers from Glenn Robertson Toronto,ont Canada...
EKaye1 Premium
My first website that I have started is on guinea pigs. My other interests that at some point will be my websites are earning money online and photography.
MarvinAF Premium
Nice man, thanks for sharing
Hollshope Premium
My niche's are nutrition, skincare, designer bags, photography, and, of course, affiliate marketing
MarvinAF Premium
Love it !! Thanks for sharing :)