You Never Know When Something Will Pay Off

Last Update: August 26, 2016

If you ever try a new technique or idea that you thought would be good but feels like it might not be worth it while you're in the middle of implementing it, FOLLOW THROUGH. Don't allow your self doubt to stop you. Yes, it may turn out that it wasn't such a good idea. But it might also turn out better than expected.

Recently I found this out for myself. I had created a quotes post with a Twitter-style graphic created for each image. Yes, I know that different size dimensions work well on Pinterest but I planned on posting the graphics on both sites. I decided to just create the images for ideal Twitter pic dimensions because it looked better on my website. When I pinned them, however, they didn't get much interaction.

Thus, with my next quotes post, I took a different approach. I created the quote graphic in TWO different dimensions: one for Twitter and one for Pinterest. Not even halfway through creating the images, the self-doubt hit me. I worried that all the time spent on creating those pictures would be wasted. I was scared of failure but in the moment I didn't recognize the fear for what it was. It was thoughts of “this probably won't work either” and “what if I'm wasting my time?”. But I reminded myself to stick it through before judging. I'll never know if I don't complete the task properly.

Examples of how I created the same quote pic in 2 different image dimensions for my social media marketing:

Link to one of pins from that quotes post that performed well:

It has 638 repins and 104 likes.

The pins performed surprisingly well on Pinterest, better than I initially thought they would. I received an increase in Wealthy Affiliate referrals as I saw high engagement with my pins. This taught me a very good lesson for entrepreneurship. Follow through with your plan and then measure your results. You will be pleasantly surprised sometimes. Even if it wasn't successful, you have valuable information to work with. You will know what didn't work for you. You will be able to brainstorm new ideas and approaches to make it work.

Have you experienced this lesson for yourself? Share your stories in the comments below.

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DLansing Premium
Hmm.... I like your tips here on Pinterest, thanks!
GinaGo Premium
I create separate images for my blog and Pinterest. It is definitely worth the extra effort. I have been thinking of creating quotes like you did. I probably should do that. You did a great job! ~Gina