Average Monthly Viewers on Pinterest 10x

Last Update: December 31, 2015

It's been about a month since my previous post about starting to see some success with Pinterest and becoming more strategic with my use of the site for business. My Pinterest account has grown more and I look forward to continual growth throughout 2016. It's exciting to think where I could be by the end of 2016 if I consistently take action.

My Pinterest stats for the last 30 days are:

Avg. daily impressions: 2,546

Avg. daily viewers: 1,389

Avg. monthly viewers: 32,194

Avg. monthly engaged: 819

Followers: 73

I was surprised that my avg. monthly viewers increased by 10x. It was around 3,000 when I checked my stats 30 days ago. I had expected a greater increase for my followers and avg. daily impressions.

My plan for the month was to add 10 new pins to my top 5 boards (as determined by Pinterest analytics): success quotes, inspirational and motivational quotes, freedom, entrepreneur articles, and creating a website. Ironically, I exceeded my goal for the first two boards but didn't meet it for the remaining three.

I am by no means an expert on Pinterest but I plan to continue regularly pinning and learning about Pinterest marketing to improve my results. What has your progress been with Pinterest so far? Any good tips?

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DLansing Premium
That is a good statistic on your Pinterest. I am still looking fr ways on how I can take to take advantage of pinterest. Hope you can share next time some tips perhaps?
MartinaWA Premium
I plan on sharing Pinterest tips as I learn more about the site :) Some tips I can share right now are:

Give each board a good description. Some people make the mistake of not filling out the description.

Give a brief description of each pin too because it helps it be found through search.

When you pin an image from your website, add the link in the description to encourage people to click to the article.

Look at the top boards in your Pinterest Analytics and then commit yourself to adding a certain number of pins to the top 5 boards for the next month. For me, I picked 10 new pins for each of my top 5 boards.

I hope this helps you. Let me know if you have any questions :)
DLansing Premium
Wow, great tips indeed. Thank you very much.
Hopefully next time, you can do a video training as well ;-)
KatieMac Premium
Well done pinterest can easily be overlooked
JohnZe1 Premium
I am going to do well with my Pinterest site,with more attention
Given to it.and its focused content.
You seem to be doing very well with yours
and I'm pleased to hear your blog.

Happy New Year,
AriefWibowo Premium
I am still learning about Pinterest.