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Last Update: Dec 20, 2016


Hello wealthy affiliate a post that I had recently spoke on about What Topics of posts Interest You might of rub some members the wrong way and that was not my intentions what so ever to offend anyone in any way shape or form.

But anyway I understand that our Posts sometimes should not just be strictly about business. It should be also about having fun and speak on whatever is on our minds and sharing how we feel every now and then I mean after all we are all human and we all have good times and bad time's.

So with all of this being said we are all here striving for success and hunger for knowledge with our online businesses. So as long as we stay focused on that to reach that success that we are all optimistic for eventually we should be able to celebrate our success and go out and live life and enjoy our family friends and kids.

If a member feels like that he wants to share to the community how his day is going that just goes to show how down to earth he or she truly is instead of just talking business All the time. We all have the Ying and yang personalities, sometimes we might want to post about business and our progress, but sometimes we might just want to post about how great of party event that we attended and share the pictures with one of another.

But my point is it has to be balanced everyone here on wealthy affiliate True Intentions should be about learning and striving to grow a successful online business, but at the same time there is nothing wrong at all of taking a break every now and then, and Livin your Life and having fun Hope everybody enjoyed reading Thanks and Take Care!

Marsean Morgan,

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Well said. All work and no play makes for a full day. Balance in any thing we do is very important. Great thoughts thanks

You are welcome

Great post! Thanks for sharing, Marsean!

Thank you reanna

NIce one my friend

Thanks for stopping by Paul

Very well said my friend. we should have fun and grinding for success seriously as well. Thanks for sharing

Thanks for stopping by

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