Google success! Atleast i thought so.

Last Update: May 08, 2016

I have a really hard time ranking under the "make money online" keyword in my country. My post is at page 8 on google. But a couple of days ago i shared my link on Google + and used the keyword in my description. Today when i googled the keyword my Google + post is ranked number 3, on page 1!! And its a keyword with VERY much competition. This is what i call Google + Magic.

Please add me and +1 my posts for more success, and i will return the favor.


So i borrowed my girlfriends laptop to see if i actually was on page 1 on Google. And i wasnt :( Then i cleared all my cookies and checked again on my own laptop. I'm not ranked within the first 22 pages :(


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Great job!
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Wow, well done :)
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