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August 24, 2016
I just wanted to tell you that i dont have much time to work on my internet business, or be active here on WA at the moment. Probably for a couple of months ahead. I have started a BIG personal project that has to be finished 1 November.Meanwhile, while i work 14 hours a day I'm making plans for a new website that i will launch early next year. I will still stop by here at WA every evening to see what is happening.
May 30, 2016
So i completed the Bootcamp a couple of weeks ago. Right now I have put that website "on hold" and will try to write 2 blogposts a month. Since there is very much competition in the "make money industry" i think i will have to give it some time to get better rankings. I cant say that my website has been very successful so far, I have 0-9 visitors per day. But i actually got one referral, but hes not active, but anyway... I have around 40 posts for different low hanging keywords, so we will see
May 14, 2016
Im still looking for other Swedes within WA. Are you Swedish or know anyone here who is? Please contact me.Markus
May 11, 2016
So, im at the last course of the affiliate bootcamp and it feels like i cant move forward at the moment. The course is about PPC marketing. The reason i dont want to spend money on PPC at the moment is because i just bought a house, and will need all the money i can spare for renovations. Any ideas how i can move forward at this point?
Im searching for some Swedes to help me with comments on my site. If your Swedish or you know anyone at WA that is, please contact me./ Markus
I have a really hard time ranking under the "make money online" keyword in my country. My post is at page 8 on google. But a couple of days ago i shared my link on Google + and used the keyword in my description. Today when i googled the keyword my Google + post is ranked number 3, on page 1!! And its a keyword with VERY much competition. This is what i call Google + Magic.Please add me and +1 my posts for more success, and i will return the favor.
February 18, 2016
I decided to learn a little bit more about this internet buisness, and became premium. Damn, that countdown is effective :P
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