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Hello there!I've finally managed to create profiles on all major social networks recommended in the training. I will be very grateful if you follow me and of course I will follow you too, so we can grow together:)There's not much activity at the moment but this will change in the future. Here are the links:G+ https://sk.pinteres
December 15, 2016
I'm a member of this amazing community for about 3 months and in this time I've managed to do a few things I'm really satisfied with and of course a few things I'm not.Main thing I'm dissatisfied is my slower progress. I thought that I would be able to do one course in a month and I'm just finishing certification course 2. Of course this is related to the time I'm able to spend working on the businness.But otherwise I've acomplished things I've never considered doing before. Like building my we
November 24, 2016
Aaaand I'm in...I just went Yearly!:)It wasn't a hard decision when I saw the black Friday price:D (Thank you WA)And now back to work!
September 13, 2016
Hello everybody,Yesterday evening I've upgraded to Premium and it feels good!:)I'm really excited to learn and apply all the new knowledge that comes with the upgrade. I have never thought about creating an on-line business because it seemed too complicated. But now, thanks to WA, it will be a reality.Thanks Nathaniell for introducing me to the WA through your affiliate website and thanks Kyle, Carson and the whole team behind WA :)Marek