3 months at WA

Last Update: December 15, 2016

I'm a member of this amazing community for about 3 months and in this time I've managed to do a few things I'm really satisfied with and of course a few things I'm not.

Main thing I'm dissatisfied is my slower progress. I thought that I would be able to do one course in a month and I'm just finishing certification course 2. Of course this is related to the time I'm able to spend working on the businness.

But otherwise I've acomplished things I've never considered doing before. Like building my website or giving a feedback on someones elses work online. Or writing blog post like this:D

As for my plans for the upcoming 3 - 6 months, I would like to finish the training and start making sales. Ideally enough to cover the monthly costs of WA:)

Wish me luck;)

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GayleneNepia Premium
Congratulations on your progress so far Marek, and those are realistic goals. All the best :-)
MarekO Premium
Thanks Gaylene:)
Toshmack Premium
Many thanks for the share, good luck to you :)
MarekO Premium
Thank you very much:)