When cold sores travel South

Last Update: February 17, 2014

Ever heard of this? Well ideally North and South are two opposing ends that one would think will never meet! Defined in the geographical sense, that is the case. In the world of love, that is a possibility, a norm that we see and experience now and again. You might wonder what on earth am i going on about?

It is all about Herpes Simplex Virus, simply put the cold sores commonly seen on the lips!. One time you wake up to find the same old cold sores sitting in the wrong place, or cold sores sitting in the right place but having landed there by the wrongly!

I am talking about genital Herpes Simplex! This is a condition that causes a lot of stress to many a sufferer. When faced by such an ailment, lots of thoughts tend to reel through one's minds and the stress of having discovered genital HSV distresses to allow a prolonged painful suffering physically, emotionally and psychologically. With Joy, I will take you through:

1. Recognizing sings and symtoms

2. How to self-help/self manage

3. Where to seek help

4. Ditch the partner or ditch the COLD for the warth

Stay tuned

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TheHotFriend Premium
Interesting post. I had no ideal what I was reading at first, but that is definitely eye opening and a very particular topic. You will help someone with this post.

So for that thank you.