Achieving SUCCESS very much like achieving HAPPINESS

Last Update: February 25, 2017

Thought of the day.

Just popped into my head that success never comes easy but will surely be achieved given the time and hardwork.

It is very similar to achieving happiness in life. Happiness comes only when managed, not through shortcuts. You won't be happily ever after if you suddenly got rich the moment you open your eyes or get your dream girl or guy suddenly so in love with you. You'll be feeling empty and everything seems so false. Happiness happens when after hardwork you reap what you sow. Happiness happens when you put so much love and effort for the ones you love and they notice and cherish you.

Same goes for success. Success happens when you truly use your all to manage it, not shortcuts.

I wish all of my friends and friends-to-be here at WA to be rewarded with success, given the time and effort spent.

Cheers guys !!

Marcus Looi

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MelaniLukito Premium
Yes, it is depend much on our attitudes.
MarcusSOA Premium
Yes, I read a post somewhere about ATTITUDE. I would share it sometime soon