Be Prepared To Put In Lots Of Effort Else No MONEY!

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Good Day Everyone

If you want to make money through Affiliate Marketing, you need to put in lots of effort. This is what I have found out.

What Is Needed?

1. Tenure: More than 6 months.

2. Articles: 2 to 3 per week. 6 X 4 X 3 = 48 to 72 articles published.

3. Niche: All Articles Must Be Related.

4. Competition: You need to stand out from the rest.

5. Be Visible: Either through advertisement or Social Media

Is That Enough?

The short answer is NO. Many people has already achieved that and most is not making tons of money yet. So how do you progress from here?

It should start by looking at what you want and look at the steps necessary to achieve it.

The Truth

If you need to write 2 to 3 articles per week. I estimate you will need at least 3 hours to publish one article therefore 9 hours is needed per week to publish 3 articles. Why 3 hours is needed? Listed are the steps needed. Do share if you take much lesser time to accomplish this. It will be a good learning for everyone.

1. Come up with a topic

2. Research

3. Write the content

4. Check the content

5. Beautify the content

6. Check the content

7. Publish

What's Next?

Focus on online business that will be able to help me achieve my goals. I am happy to hear what are the plans you have and whether my post make sense?

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I fully support writing quality content to get indexing by Google. A further step is required by Google after crawling your content. Google Search Console may send you error report to revalidate the error.
Go to Google Search Console, first to check is any coverage error in your website. I found 17 posts was identified by GSC as non-index. I found no issue at all and ask for re-indexing, I do not know is it caused by Google Robotic or not but is our duty to call for indexing again. May be most members do not face this issue.
In GSC overview page, scroll down to enhancement, is it healthy for you to see your number of pages valid for mobile usability, amp, breadcrumbs, product, review snippers and sitelinks search box.
Any error apprear here need to fix for re-validation, if not, your page may not appear in google search. If you have 47 indexing post, make sure the number of pages at mobile usability, breadcrumbs and site searchbox has the same number of 47. If the page number here is less than 47, check which page is not appear here, you can make some updating to your page and wait for GSC response. Or use GSC tools to check your page for structural data and mobile usability to ensure your page is valid for indexing.
The issue is your SEO indexing pages is not all accepting by GSC after crawling result is out.

More valid posts accepted by GSC, have better chance to get better ranking, then follow by number of hits going up first, later number of pageview goes up.

As website owner, cannot stop creating content that is not valid by GSC. Our website needs new valid content to appear in the Google search frequently to build trust to visitors. If visitor return do not have any new content to serve them, you lost them. Your new content frequency must be more faster than the return visitor who are coming back, so I guess one post per week is the mininum to keep our website stay alive.

Dear Marc I appreciated your encouragement given to me few months before. I write my experience to answer your traffic low question and needs hard work to creating content. Today WA send your post to me to remind me to give feedback from me. Actually I do not think I can give you much help although recently after clearing all the errors, the traffic occasionally go cracy but frequently dropped back to normal level because I replace plugins to cause more errors to my website in August. My weakness is I want to get best solution for amp application but impossible. Your weakness I see is you do not have time for your website.
I wish I can help back and all the best to you.

Dear Stephen, thank you for highlighting the need to rectify the errors. I do have errors and have contacted the people who created the theme however it has not been resolved yet.

So how's business? :)

Maybe you can share errors to me with screen shots.

As attached.

This three errors are easy to solve but need time to check all your posts to avoid repeated errors. Repeating error will affect ranking.
Text to small to read - you can go through all your posts using your handphone, you can easily find out which location of text is too small to read. Solution is go the theme customize, to reset back all your font size set by the theme. You can reduce the big font as you want but do not reduce the small fone setting by your theme. Do the solution only if you have no time to check.
Image too small happened in many members website including the top member. Set your image at 390px X 260px or 375px X 250px or 410px x 240px. For a long picture, you can crop it or set at 600px x 240px. 240px is the smallest for height dimension. 375px is smallest for width dimension. Original image resolution keep below 175 KB to avoid affecting page speed.
Clickable element are too close to each other means your insert links is too close for user to click on the exact link if using handphone. The size of the link is 48px X 48px minimum to fix the size of the human finger. The easy to solve is keep your links far from each other. The best is use the button to insert link to solve this error. Block editing can provide the click button.
Content wider than screen means your text wider than hand phone screen. Go to theme customize, click on layout, then click on container, reset to default valve by your theme or just set it at 1100px as GeneratePress default setting.
After doing the fix, go to GSC to call for revalidation. You can try it. Yours is very small error but big affecting to mobile users to view your website. Solve earlier is better and use your hand to check more often. Send ticket to theme developer with more questions, they can teach you more solutions.

Thanks Stephen. I will find time to run through this via my mobile phone. Appreaciate the step by step process to resolve this. Many thanks. :)

content is king i admit and doing more than writing content is key,
remember one thing
There are thousands of writers, article and blog all doing the very same game plan, writing publishing, promoting
but what needs to be different?

your style
genuineness to your readers
ease off the heavy in your face advertisement in the early stages
build a shopping list of content for good reading
variety and informed content
as kyle may have mentioned this is not about selling a product or service its about creating trust and a following first.

For the record
I have completed 8 blogs in one of my niche' august i believe that's a good head count 2 per week
But by no means that is going to be the standard

When you have 3 , 4 or more sites it can be a drain on anyone, if your writing quality, is well researched and beautiful supporting photos to optimise content with a value to your readers
then your in the game


Hi Chris, indeed challenging and a good point for bringing genuineness to your readers. :)

Thats very true. Jim

Thank you Jim for your comment. :)

Well said. Thank you

Welcome and thank you for reading the post. :) Marc.

All new people should read this to know what they are getting in to. It's well worth the time and effort it takes because scams don't work.


Hi Debbi, yes, we need to be informed of the work that is needed so that expectations can be met. :) Thank you for the comment.

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