How do I choose a niche? And how do I build an online business?

Last Update: November 24, 2018

In the recent few days there was an increasing trend that I noticed from newbies requesting assistance with choosing a niche for their site. For me the response was alarming, because everyone just gave advice along the lines of: "choose a niche according to what you know a lot about and can make money from."

Now honestly speaking, that advice is not so bad. It helped me because I knew immediately what I needed to make my niche (after I did a little introspection). But what about giving that advice to someone who is totally new to everything online?

What about the one who is asking for help on choosing a niche because his knowledge of anything is not very much. Okay, maybe that is a little absurd for some people, but for others it might be a reality.

Learning to ask the right question

I wanted to write this blog today to answer the simple question posted by many newbies (and many established WA'ers who are still struggling with their niche).

Instead of asking: "how do I choose a niche?", maybe ask: "what business should I start?"

Why do I recommend you ask this instead? Because when you choose a niche, you build a website, you write content, you devise strategies to monetize your website, you actively become involved in marketing your website and generating traffic, you attract more people to your site and become an influencer in your niche.

Now all of this that you do after you have chosen a niche, is actually building a business.

So rather ask yourself what business can I do that can give me an income online?

In conclusion

If you are just starting out and hear about choosing a niche, really take some time to think about it because your choice of niche will become your business.

Now luckily with Wealthy Affiliate you have multiple opportunities to choose a niche (you can build up to 50 sites if you are a Premium member). So choosing a niche and failing at it is really okay.

We have all heard the saying: practice makes perfect. So if at first you don't succeed, then try and try again.

PS. Look out for more blogs I will be posting on a few business ideas to get you all going.

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frederickH2 Premium
How do I make money promoting WA ?
Marchelle1 Premium
Making money by promoting WA means that you will become an affiliate of WA. In this regard I really recommend you do the affiliate certification course as they explain the whole thing from A to Z.

What is all comes down to is you create a website writing reviews and promotional articles of websites and things and then conclude with WA is the platform you recommend. You will then include a link in that article for your audience to follow and if they click on it, it brings them to WA.

If they then sign up, you earn commission for them joining Premium.
frederickH2 Premium
Hi Marchelle, to have someone like you who shares the hard journey you've been through is life changing. You could have achieved you goal and continued on with your plans in life. Instead , you are still here sharing what you learnt with us beginners, and for that I take my hat off for you . Thank you .
Marchelle1 Premium
Always a pleasure!
TanyaCh Premium
Thank you so much Marchelle1! This topic is very helpful! Quite a useful approach in choosing a niche.
Marchelle1 Premium
Always a pleasure :)
greensail Premium
Yeah!, I like rocks, pretty ones, I know hardly anything about them except they are found in secret places underground, and are only found by bearded old guys wandering around remote places with a rock pick, looking for "signs".
These bearded old guys are very smart though, they know all the chemical and physical make up of these pretty rocks and can confuse most people with science to get the best price for the rocks they find.
There you go. I have a niche.
Marchelle1 Premium
See now this is what I am talking about. It really does sound interesting enough to make a great niche, but if you are a newby and that is what comes to mind, research is going to take a lot of your time away from training which could slow down your progress.

If you are definitely going with this niche, good for you! But keep your eyes peeped for those business ideas I spoke of.