Do you have too many friends?

Last Update: January 29, 2020

Yesterday I received a message from a Facebook friend about why you should clean up your Facebook friends list, so I lost 20% of my "friends" ...

But first, why cleaning your Facebook Friends List?

  • Quality over quantity
  • Your privacy (photos, posts, and personal data, etc.)
  • It's bad for your brain
  • You may sacrifice your best relationship
  • It cleans up your Newsfeed (Annoying posts)
  • Stories from friends you know and love...

Here is some ideas of who you should Unfriend:

  • No profile picture (They are no longer an active account)
  • People you don't recognize
  • People that don't engage on your post
  • People that no longer fit your target Niche
  • Anyone that send you a link without asking
  • Anyone Posting With a Supercar that's not theirs :-)
  • Profile Pics Shirt less Or In Bathroom (Bodybuilding is not my Niche)

When was the last time you cleaned your Facebook friends list?

To your success,


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LenkaSophie Premium
I should definitely clean up my facebook friends list, I have about 3000 people there and I don't know majority of them. But it is such a time-consuming task that I keep postponing it to "later" :)
MarcDemers Premium
Ya, understand, it took me 90 minutes to do it...

But now, I'm seeing posts from people I know, it's crazy how it's worth it...

Thanks for your comment,