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Last Update: January 31, 2018

Ways to Set Your Goal: Do You Really Need To Make Millions?

Maybe your goal now is to "make millions on the internet" or "make $10,000/ day". Well, in this blog post I'm mosting likely to tell you why I think setting that sort of objective can be a really poor idea.

Today I'm mosting likely to reveal you:

Why establishing your goal to "make millions" could harm you.
The odd (and low) $$ objective that large marketing professionals start with
Why I believe this dollar amount functions so well
Audio great? Keep analysis.

Simple Beginnings

When I started I intended to be able to live without a 9-- 5 work so I might focus on family.

My objective was $100/day.

Why such a tiny goal? It's basic. That was the amount of money I should cover my housing, vehicle payment as well as living expenditures.

I had not been aiming to get rich. I was just trying to produce even more leisure time.

It took a while, but after a month of shedding money I finally began to recover cost. After that I got rewarding and began getting closer as well as closer to my $100/day goal.

On my first $50/day I felt like I was the king of the world, but I still didn't hit that goal. When I did it seemed like I had defeated the Matrix. If I could maintain that going, I was totally free.

I reset my objective to $150/day.
After that I hit that as well as reset my objective to $200/day.

Each time I hit a new daily profit goal I really felt a huge surge of exhilaration. I had not been getting rich however I was making progress. And also in my experience-- making progress is the most effective high there is.

As well as since it feels great-- it maintains you in the game.

Don't be a Lemming

The Difference
Numerous individuals have actually tried to do this online point. And also countless stopped working. Yet there are several of us that do actually well at it, and last for several years. Just what's the difference?

Well, here's just what I've seen.

I've had lengthy conversations with a sh #tload of uber-successful marketing experts and when I tell them my $100/day tale, they laugh aloud. Due to the fact that they did the exact same thing.

They established a similar, small goal and also followed the exact same journey, striking the smaller objectives along the way.

On the other side of the coin-- I have NEVER met an uber-successful online marketer who started with an objective of making Millions. They might exist out there somewhere yet in all of the meetups, meetings as well as get-togethers that I've been to-- I have actually never fulfilled a solitary one.

That's since many people who can be found in with desire for instantaneous treasures as well as mansions as well as cars and trucks go out and also give up real fast. Six months into it they see that they're not a millionaire yet and give up.

Yet when you set smaller sized objectives (like $100/day or even $10/day), you keep going.

You're continuously hitting smaller sized revenue objectives as you move along.
You reach experience win after win as you better learn the abilities and also proceed right into larger campaigns.
Flash-Forward a year or 2 (or five) later on you're still in the game.
You reach leave the daily grind and never ever go back.
This is just what I've seen.
This is what I've experienced.

As well as it leads me right into my next point:

Setting your preliminary objective to making millions of dollars is entirely unneeded.

Here's why.

The Average American Salary

Now, don't get me wrong. I am a large follower of setting multi-million dollar goals. Yet do you truly need millions? The answer is probably "no". To show you why, let's discuss your genuine goal.

The actual goal for a lot of you is pretty easy. You intend to stop your 9-- 5 job, right?

Before you bother with being a millionaire-- let's get you from that 9-5 job lifestyle initially. That ought to be your first priority.

To do this-- you do not need "$ Millions" (unless you're presently making a $1Million+ a year). You just have to change your existing wage. Which is probably a much lower number.

The Average American salary is about $50,500/ year.

That number is mosting likely to differ depending on where you live, but for today's objectives, that is the number we'll make use of.

If you make $50k/year now, all you need to do is change that exact same $50k/year with your personal business to be able to quit your job.

Let's break it down:.

Typical American income: $50,500 a year.
Monthly Income: $4208/month ($ 50,500/ 12 months).
Daily Income: $138/day ($ 55,500/ 365 days).
So there it is. The ordinary American makes concerning $138 a day.

You just truly should make $138/day to replace an average full-time work and totally leave the daily grind completely.

And that's wonderful news-- because $138/day is obtainable on almost any traffic source as well as with practically any kind of offer.

So why not reassess that Million Dollar goal as well as reset it to a really possible $138/day instead?

That's all the money you have to make to quit your work.

Do you earn less than $50k/year?

I recognize a lot of individuals that make a great deal less than $50,500 a year. And also if you're one of them I have excellent information for you. The lower your income-- the simpler it is for you to leave the 9-5 catch permanently.

If you make 1/2 the standard, that's $27,750/ year, you just have to make $76/day to quit your job completely.

And to be honest with you, you could even opt for less. I prefer to gain $24,000/ year being my very own manager than $27,750/ year helping another person.

Below's The Simple Math.

Instead of starting out by imagining "Making Millions", set your objective to change your present job.

The easy math to change your job: Take your existing yearly income and separate it by 365. That's your number to replace your job.

Or if you're like me and also would certainly approve less money to be able work for on your own, establish your objective to cover your the majority of standard cost of living. (lease, bills, etc.).

The simple math for your bottom line: Take your existing yearly expenses and divide it by 365. That is your profits.

Let's Sum It Up.

An American ordinary wage is $138/day.

A lower-than-average income is $76/day.
So let's split the difference as well as see just what we get ...
It's around $100/day.

Your mind ought to have just blown up.

That's the precise number that I embed in the very beginning.

Coincidence? I have no idea for certain but it definitely seems at the very least ...


I recommend not setting your preliminary objective to "Make Millions of Dollars". If you do that you are setting on your own for failure, because if/when it does not occur you might obtain frustrated as well as give up.

Every uber-marketer that I understand started with a basic objective of making $100/day online (or less). When they struck that goal they reset the objective to $500/day, then $1000/day and so on.

Set your big goal to $100 Million if you intend to. After that set your smaller sized goal to $100/day. It benefited me and a number of others. It could benefit you as well-- even if you just have part-time hours readily available to commit to it.


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Great post Marc,
It is very discouraging when you set something too high. You get disappointed very quickly because it just doesn't click...
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Good job Marc! So true.

Most people here probably wish they could make $50k/year. It is best to start with smaller goals, see the results, and readjust to scale for further growth.
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