That Was Fast! Another Month Over and Done With

Last Update: May 1, 2018

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Well, another month has passed me by. They seem to be going ever faster now. I don't have any referrals yet, but I am pleased with my progress here at WA. Here's another monthly win/fail review and the goals for May.

What Did I Accomplish

I posted 13 blog posts this month, out of a possible 12. This is definitely something to be proud of!

Also on the subject of posts, I only got 1 week ahead instead of 2, but that's great progress in and of itself.

I only did 3 lessons this month from the Bootcamp training. I did take the 20 day hiatus on the lessons as Kyle suggested at the end of Phase 3, so I plan to pick that back up this month.

I did 3 training replays out of the 6 that I wanted to. It simply means I get to play catch up this month.

I have definitely become more familiar with Pinterest and Instagram so this is something that I can check off my list. Thank you @LynneHuy and @TonyHamilton for helping there!

I've actually started looking up keywords per week rather than per month. I have 5 ready for notes for the week, to help me get ahead with my writing.

I did buy a membership to Fontonelle Forest and went 3 times this last month. I wanted to go 4, but winter held on until almost the end of April so I did what I could do. I also managed to pull something in my left leg so I had to take it easy. It's finally feeling better and I will be back on the trails next week.

I have not lost any weight, but I am starting to practice mindful eating so I truly register what I'm eating and filling my belly with.

I have started using Social Jukebox for my twitter account and plan on updating all the posts that get put out there twice a month.

The Goals

What is in store for May? Plenty of the same along with some different things as far as personal stuff I want to do.

1. Post 13 articles

  • This will never change. I want to do 3 per week from the very beginning of the month to the very end of the month. Next month might be different as my week trip is in June.

2. Get 2 weeks ahead

  • This, I feel, is necessary so that I can breathe a little. Certainly not sitting back and taking a break, but give me a buffer just in case.
  • I plan on getting 1-3 months ahead, I haven't decided which, and then maintaining that lead. Any extra articles that are written will be added to the weekly posting list.

3. Complete 4-8 lessons

  • I'm not entirely sure if there are any more "lesson breaks" in my future, but if there are then it is what it is. As long as I keep up on my posts I'm okay with that.

4. 5-8 training replays

  • I learn so much from these that I need to make time for them. Thankfully I've started implementing a weekly schedule to help get everything in order.

5. Continue working with Pinterest and Instagram

  • I find it so fascinating what you can do with a picture. It is true that a picture says a thousand words and I plan on using them for the best leverage.

6. Go to Fontonelle Forest and walk at least 30 minutes 4-8 times this month.

  • After all, I need the practice if I'm going hiking for a week in South Dakota

7. Go out to the movies at least twice.

  • I need to remember not to become a hermit and get out into the "public" space. I love movies since I'm around other people, but don't have to interact with them,.

8. Last of all, I want to have an amazing experience when I go see Wicked at the Orpheum this month.

  • It's my birthday present to myself. I adore live theatre and plan to go see Hamilton next year

So, that's the plan for this month. What are yours?

Take care,


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Nice work!


Hi, Wayne. Thank you for the support. Take care.

Hello Michelle Anne,
I love your dedication to WA.


Hello, Derek. Thank you for the support. Take care.



Your dedication to your work is fantastic.

Best Wishes

Hello, Hazel. Thank you for your support. Take care.

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