Checking Duplicate content

Last Update: March 10, 2018

Checking Duplicate content

Dear friends,

I was using to check for duplicate contents with other sites.

The following would usually happen

I would get a list of about 10 results for a particular URL and that too same content repeated on different sites.

I would check same URL after correcting it and get some different results in the similar manner as above.

Then without warning

" You have utilized your quota for now try again later"

and after a few days

"You have utilized your quota for the month"

frustating Isn't it.

Or else Upgrade...... some more money to invest.....

So I kept away from it. Till one day I just checked out what was the cost for upgrading to premium cost.

I was really amazed that you could upgrade and purchase credits for as low as $5 and the cost for checking any URL for one time is just 5 cents.

This means that you can chek out duplication of 100 pages for $ 5 or 20 pages for 5 times each to clear all duplication.

So Hurry take advantage of this as the pricing is going to change from 01 April 2018.

Even then it is worthwhile.

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Nadja3 Premium
Valuable information. Thank you for sharing.