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Checking Duplicate contentDear friends,I was using to check for duplicate contents with other sites.The following would usually happenI would get a list of about 10 results for a particular URL and that too same content repeated on different sites.I would check same URL after correcting it and get some different results in the similar manner as above.Then without warning" You have utilized your quota for now try again later"and after a few days "You have utilized your quota for
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January 17, 2018
Here is one more reason to comment on others website in order to get comments to your site.You get some information that could help everyone including you.I came across one such websitehere is the URL for your benefit https://global-home-business.c...
Some people are not sure how to become an Affiliate. So I thought I would write a crisp blog on this. How to become an Amazon AffiliateFirst of all you have to be approved by Amazon. Before that you should have a site with a few pages and /or posts with good content. It would be better if it were indexed by google. Then you should go to the footer of the Amazon page and click on 'Become an Affiliate' and follow instructions. After they approve you, you have to login to Amazon. Select or vi
Wow!!! Just earned badge 4 of certification.A lot of hard work and persistence I suppose.Mainly it was a great experience and surely a huge learning curve. Thanks to the community called WA.
Dear Friends,I noticed there is little or no information on wall mounted kitchen faucets.So I have written a post giving some information and insight on this type of kitchen faucets.I would appreciate if you could read the same and offer some feedback/comments on the same.the website is https://kitchenfaucetswithspra...Regards,Anand
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September 28, 2017
Hi friends, I always thought social media was a waste of time. While on Lesson 4 of the Certification program I have understood these social media like Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, G+ etc can be used to your advantage. They can help in follows, comments, rankings etc But before that hats off to the WA community. Great and timely help from so many members. I enjoy helping others in WA whenever I can and this brings immense pleasure that I have helped someone somewhere on the globe I used to
August 29, 2017
Wow. I have completed 3 levels of the 5 Levels of Certification. I have tried and followed each of steps and carried out the tasks required. I have learned a lot and lots more to learn from WA. Haven't started to generate traffic or earn money. But I am sure it will follow.
Hi friends,I was recently talking to some of my friends on 'Kitchen faucets with sprayer'. I realized that only few of them could really tell me the difference between Pull-out and pull-down kitchen faucets. Though all of them had faucets at home.So here I am writing a simple but informative post on my website‎Take out some time and read this let me know your comments
July 14, 2017
Hey guys, I am just building a website in the kitchen faucets with sprayer niche and am wondering if you can give me some feedback on how I am coming along with my website. Here is my domain:
July 11, 2017
In order to encouraging in the journey of making money online I thought I would document my progress in WA. I joined WA in Dec 2016, upgraded to Premium in Apr 2017.I built my site https://kitchenfaucetswithspra... in May 2017. It has been indexed and I got a badge for its ranking. Though ranking would be far away in the horizon at the moment.I would like to thank the WA community in helping me progress so far and would like the community to continue do so so that I could reach at least the fol