How to remove background from the image in 10 seconds for free?

Last Update: July 22, 2019

Hello everybody!

I just wanted to share with you a great online too I've just discovered that helps you remove the background from the photos litteraly in a click:
Attention, it works only with human faces.

It's really very simple and free. You don't have to create your account or anything, just upload your picture, choose the color for the background, when you're satisfied with the result, you download the photo and that's it.

For example, if you made a selfie in your car and you look absolutely stunning on it, so you would like to use it as your profile picture on social networks, but you don't want your followers see that it was taken in a car, that's the perfect tool for you.

I wish you a peaceful night/wonderful day.



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JKulk1 Premium
Thanks Maja. Jim
Carson2 Premium
Hmm? Very interesting. I am going to look into that.
apache1 Premium Plus
Thank you Maja I have used this in the past and does a good job for its free value comes in handy.
Enjoy the rest of your week ahead.

OrgainITGuy Premium
Hey. That i such a cool tool.

and you delivered here in perfect timing :)

wish you well Maja

Maja977 Premium
I'm glad it was helpful.
fouadmar Premium
Wow ! that's really helpful..

I have never seen such a tool before.

Thank you Maja.