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Last Update: May 30, 2017

I work in Sales and its the month end. The office is frenzy and everyone is frantically working hard to make sales goals. The environment is swimming with the smell of stress. Its a normal part of a Sales environment.

Just to de-stress, here are some suggestions:

1) Write positive affirmations. I am a big believer in this. It helps me stay focus.

2) I try to find things to laugh about. Anything that makes me laugh is a good de-stresser.

3) I try to do more work than needed, earlier in the month than later.

4) Some people will meditate. It is a calming practice with many benefits.

5) I sit in my car alone and take a 10-minute break just soaking up the alone time.

6) Eat something fun yet healthy. Food is always a good motivator.

The list can go on and on. Staying motivated is an individual's responsibility. Its not always easy to do but its worth it in the end.

If you know of any meditation practices that works for you, please share. Thank you.

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RikaSF Premium
Great tips Maltee. We will not be able to get much done without some kind of motivation:).
pparadise Premium
Great post and I got your point.
FTurner8032 Premium
Sitting on the deck of our cabin in the mountains drinking my coffee and watching the deer play around the pond. Unfortunately the cabin is over 3 hours from my home and I can't get there nearly as often as I would like.