Smoothies for the New Year

Last Update: February 06, 2017

Hello Everyone,

Happy New Year. I have been off the grid for a while. Trying to get back on track now.

As a 'getting' health conscious attitude for the new year, I've decided to do green smoothies. So far, not horrible :). I did 3 days detox and it was actually fun.

Has anyone tried this sort of health approach? Please share your thoughts. Thank you.

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Magic123 Premium
thank you. i am enjoying learning about the health benefits. Using it definitely as a meal replacement. thanks for you response
BrooklynPhil Premium
I do use and like Smoothies on a regular basis. One of the guys at work started 'Juicing' in an effort to help lose weight. The problem was he was not using the juice as a meal replacement but in addition to his regular meals. I pointed out to him that he was actually taking in more calories and worse yet he wasn't getting any of the fiber from the fruits and veggies used to make the juice.

I threw away my juice machine away years ago. I much prefer making 'Smoothies' and using them as a meal replacement. I'm not a big fan of eating Kale, but it's always a major ingredient in my Green Smoothies. I'm a Nutritarian so everything I add to my smoothies has to be the most nutrient dense food per calorie I can.