Naps are Great!

Last Update: November 07, 2016

Naps are great. I love them. The holiday season is around the corner. It can be a hustling, stressful time. Just when everyone is worked up or worried about buying the perfect gift, what's a person to do? Take a nap. It is a great way to shut out negativity as well.

Check out this link on why napping is a good idea.

1) Napping boosts alertness

2) Napping improves learning and memory

3) Napping increases creativity

4) Napping boosts productivity,

5) Napping lifts your spirits,

6) Napping zaps stress

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MPollock Premium
Love the post, but no time for naps. thanks,
Magic123 Premium
Lol thanks
JeffDolson Premium
I'll have to look into this, thanks
Toshmack Premium
Many thanks for sharing.
Cheers, Tosh :)