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I own a cleaning service for 4 years. Previous experience in restaurant managements. Before that, retired from USAF. I am now venturing into the fascinating world of Internet marketing, biz ops, network marketing. Looking for other income opportunities other than self employment income. The lifestyle change is not the only reason, but to ensure the things I do now will have a positive impact for my grandsons future.
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A realistic number would be $10,000 per month. f course a number that would estaticly excite would be $25,000 per month. I would definitely committee to 3-5 hours per week and longer if necessary.
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Dec 19, 2016
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M59ant Premium
A realistic number would be $10,000 per month. f course a number that would estaticly excite would be $25,000 per month. I would definitely committee to 3-5 hours per week and longer if necessary.
M59ant Premium
My mistake, that would be 3-5 hours per day.
LindaSMcRae Premium
Hello, those are some great goals you have! If you have persistence, focus and the will to succeed, you're already halfway. Do your training step by step, do not skip around. If you have a problem, always ask for help, this community is more than helpful you will see! I know you will do excellent! :)
Best of Luck,
Kyle Premium
Wonderful goals Mark! I look forward to helping you achieve these! Work hard and work through the training here at WA and you will be well on your way to success.

Everything you need to achieve any level of success online is at WA, including the help whenever you need it!
mjpd Premium
Awesome goals! Good luck achieving them. I believe WA will help you get there!
M59ant Premium
Thanks. Best to you!
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florida27 Premium
Congratulations on going Premium! I'm sure you'll quickly see that this is one of the best decisions you'll ever make. Best of luck with everything you do here at WA. Let me know if you have any questions. Best wishes.
ClareCCD Premium
Welcome to WA x
betcha Premium
Hi there, congratulations for going premium. You now have more benefits and more tools that will enhance your online business. Enjoy your new venture here @ Wealthy Affiliate. Blessings ~Betcha
DaveSw Premium
Hi Mark,

Welcome aboard to the Wealthy Affiliate community!

You have a background that is eerily similar to mine. I am a retired dude for a lot of years now, and at one time I had a cleaningf service in VA. That was my first real business and was a sideline to Army duty...

Later (much later) I tried some of those same activities you have....Anyway, here is what you are getting at this place:

- This is a great site (the BEST) to learn how to properly set up and operate a successful online marketing business!

- Lots of training, help and hands on guidance is here for you, and a fine bunch of members too!

- The interests and business you are in now will be good niches online should you go in that direction...

Soooo...Best of luck to you and have some fun!!

Dave : )
M59ant Premium
So Dave, Hello. All I want to know is can this system assist me with network marketing, i. e companies like LegalShield, ACN, Visi? How has the system helped you?
DaveSw Premium
HI Mark,

This is not really a system, per se. It is an education site that provides all the basics to get a website started to market items in niches of your choice. The focus as you can see from the site name is on affiliate marketing...

It is more like an open university where you have access to the entire curriculum literally at your fingertips. YOu can jump around from begnner to advanced as you like as a premium member, and you have access to all this site has to offer,

Here you have extensive training on evrything involved with online marketing, things like SEO, preparing content, how to integrate with social platforms, and everything else almost you will need to draw visitors to your site...

Obviously some of the same tenets apply for every web site and slant or marketing focus you may use your own site for. YOu can use the principles to sell your items, to market other's items, or run a business for your services.

I will use myself as an example. Currently I have niche sites for:

(1) Making Money Online,
(2) Diabetes,
(3) Green Technology,
(4) Video Marketing Agency,
(5) Marketing Agency, and soon
(6) Four Aditional Sites - for selling my own products by region to a global audience (we are starting with three but many many more sites will be up for this one)...

As you can see, only three are for affiliate marketing. The rest are for services or products...You can develop your sites for whatever focus you want to have.

Hope this helps!


: )
M59ant Premium
Yes it does. Incidentally, if I currently have a blog page through Wordpress would I be able to transfer content to my Wealthy Affiliate site?
DaveSw Premium
Yes you can transfer over...You can do a search right above the bio area on this page and type in your question and a series of related posts or training will come up as possible solutions...If you cannot find what you are looking for, you can ask a question there as well, and someone will provide answers for you....Cheers!
Vince OMWV Premium
Hey Alfie, how are things going? Just following up here with you... I noticed you visited my site and decided to join WA. Welcome to the community!

Get Started Here: ========================================
It's extremely important you get started on the right path from the start, if you want to make this work for you.

Simply drop me a reply if you do need a hand with anything. :)