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Last Update: February 28, 2018

I have only been really doing this since the 4th of February this year. I just became a premium member a few days ago and purchased my first domain name. I have wanted to be a blogger for many years and have always had things get in the way and now I am finally doing it.

I don't know if my niche is the right one or not, put it is an area that I have experience in and have dealt with my whole life. I am doing my blog on Allergies and since I have an allergy for every time of the year and indoor/outdoor, I am focusing on a year round section, with the 4 seasons to occur during that time of year. I am also adding reviews of the products I try and recipes that are catered to be very allergy friendly. I am hoping that others can learn and share insights on allergies.

In less than a month I have written 19 posts in all and had 5 indexed in google and yesterday my whole site was indexed. I have come a long way in a short time. I have also started to learn how to post my blog on social media sites and have increased my followers. I am very proud of myself and am learning so much finally getting the opportunity to do this. I am very glad that I stumbled upon Wealthy affiliates website and have had the chance to learn and grow as a person and in my writing. Because believe me, I am way out of my comfort zone talking to so many people and adding to my social media accounts. If anyone would have said that I'd have so many followers and that I am doing this a year ago, I would have said they were crazy.

I am not sure if I am doing things right or not, but I am going to keep trying and learning. I know there is so much more to figure out and learn along the way. I know my blog isn't perfect, but nothing ever is. I thank everyone for your support and encouragement and hope to be doing this a very long time.

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bpais1 Premium
That's a bunch of pages in a very short time which is totally awesome!

Just make sure you don't rush it too much. Remember, "quality" of content is more important than "quantity" of content.

LyndaY Premium
Hmmm, funny you should use that line. I say that all the time to people, but it never once came to mind while I was writing. Thank to for reminding me.
I was just trying to get so much done, then I figured ever week I was going to do one day on a big post, one on a review, and one in a recipe.
santuno Premium
19 posts in a month, congrats Lynda!
Keep up the good work, it will start paying of soon, you will see! Just keep moving out of your comfort zone, that is where success lies.. :)
LyndaY Premium
Thank you. I am really trying to.