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Last Update: September 12, 2015

Well I joined in August 2015. This was something I needed to do as I must supplement my income. When I saw the site, I was of course unsure as to whether or not it was what it said. I was pleasantly amazed and gratified to see that what was advertised was true!

I took up the Premium membership, and jumped in with both feet. This will be a chance to become hopefully, a little less dependent on a full time job outside the house.

I believe I've progressed quite nicely. I passed my 10 day goal of not quitting. I'm into my 30 day goal of gaining confidence in my work. These are items that I am proud of.

I have created a website and am putting in content as I go along with the lessons. Which may I add, it seems the right lesson comes up just when I need it. I am not really into social media, however I do have a google plus 1 account. Which I have tentatively started to use.

Due to working full time, and the exhaustion that comes with that days work I am not always able to get onto the computer and keep going with my lessons. But progress is slowly coming around. My rank started at 7310, I'm now down to 1636. Holy Cow!

My upcoming goals, tell my boss to actually stick it, and becoming a full time member and contributor to this awesome site. Thank you all for listening, and thank you all for the help.


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FarshidR Premium
Any progress it's better than none!
Labman Premium
It's not a race. Keep at it and soon you will have a substantial site that is bringing in additional income.
lycefair Premium
I am going at my own pace. This is so totally different from anything I've ever done. Thank you for the comment