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December 21, 2017
Hi friends from WA, wonderful people. I just have gotten my Entrepreneur Certificate. Honestly, I couldn't have done without your support. I want very much to say thank you so much. I will continue with my journey thing and working very hard to be achieve my goals with my 3 websites. One is still in construction. Thank you again.God be with you, always!Sincerely!Luzia Soares.
December 20, 2017
I am very impressed about how far I have come in since I have started to study at Wealthy Affiliate. I did Have my ups and downs. I guess I didn't give WA very much credit. I kept skipping lessons. I was working so hard to pay the bills and didn't have very much time to do my lessons. So, time went by and I was thinking that I was ready and I really wasn't, but the need would make me very nervous and depressed. I lost one of my jobs and everything start to get even worse. I have decided to go