My accomplishments.

Last Update: December 20, 2017

I am very impressed about how far I have come in since I have started to study at Wealthy Affiliate. I did Have my ups and downs. I guess I didn't give WA very much credit. I kept skipping lessons. I was working so hard to pay the bills and didn't have very much time to do my lessons. So, time went by and I was thinking that I was ready and I really wasn't, but the need would make me very nervous and depressed.

I lost one of my jobs and everything start to get even worse. I have decided to go back and did the whole thing again and end up not doing all the exercises that would complete for the certification, but with what I have learned I could finish my website and all over sudden I have over 30 pages or more and my website was looking decent.

I have really learn a lot technical things that I really have no idea about. The lessons and my outside WA research was definitely helping. I was watching the trainings inside WA also, which has helped me very much.

After I have finished my first website,, I have decided to build another website trying to sell WA, and I did a very beautiful website, So recently I have started to do another one,, it's about one of my jobs where I do alterations at home. It's in construction mode right now. I need some more time to finish. I did also some lessons of the WA Bootcamp, but didn't go through the whole thing.

Now I am again at the course, completing, faithfully, Entrepreneur Certification Course and I am finishing it a whole this time. It has been about 1 year since I have started this journey, I have made a lot of mistakes for a lots of reasons, but now I have realised that if I do this the right way, following the whole steps the right way, not fooling it around, not cutting corners,I will do much better. I hope so. This is a good place and I would recommend it. Do not do the mistakes I did. Just follow the course, one lesson at a time, and do a training here and there. Ask for help when you need too, do some research outside WA, you will get it. It's a very nice community with good people that are willing to help. Now I am following the lessons, step by step and doing the exercises as they come, the right way. Having my most attention on SEO and keywords, which I didn't care very much in the beginning, but, it's very important.

I am taking it very seriously, I don't have much more time to waste. I advice you to do the same, because it worth it!

Thank you.

Luzia Soares.

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jrandrade07 Premium
yeah, things here seems to be overhwelming in the beginning... just take it at your own pace and you’ll find it breezing thru it once you get the rythm =)
jrandrade07 Premium
Hi Luzia, you've got an inspiring story =) Carry on and hope we all be successful in this journey =)
luziaS Premium
Thank you so much. I have a different attitude this time. I am stopping to breathe. lol...