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Last Update: February 22, 2016

Well today I start a new journey, a full CIRCLE OF work wise,{A JOB I HELD IN THE 80S} I had to find actually a 40 hr. week job, well you may say why, well its to pay the piper, Mister bills, you know that guy we all live with him on a monthly basis, but it will not be enough $ so I have grabbed myself by the boot straps and got my self in front of my computer and found out updates on the darn thing , well I said to my self I will not be stopped there I will get on my cell and do this blog on it so hear I am.

Today is sunny but windy,that is southern Idaho for you but from my kitchen window I see snow capped mountains in Cassia county, its a good place to raise kids I helped with 6 all of them on there own now and proud of every one of them.

I have read a lot of posts and the thing I feel is we want some where to belong and be some one, not so much Presidents but persons of interest as in the way of feeling that I helped some one in a small way in there life that that person took enough time out of there life to stop and read what I said and at that micro second in time, that is what that person needed weather a thought a answer to a question a just a caring word of advice.

I just got to looking at other WA members web sites and found a couple out there I would like to follow but could not as they are asking to join of course, so what is the easier way to do so. I know that you can all ways click to follow but you don't have that luxury when you are web surfing, can any one help?

I as a person would lov to help more, but as my understanding of website building is very limited and understanding of the computer language is all so limited I feel that I am dragging my self throw quick sand, I am looking for those few lights to go on in my brain that like most of us need to happen so as to progress, with my future a little better secured and hopping this time of day I can keep using it to understand the process and fight throw the frustration of not understanding that i will come out on top and then be a real force to help others, I am glad again that there is this program out there among est the so called quick rich schemes that is honest and true. I look forward to the day the site is up and running and I come full CIRCLE with WA.


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Maxiam59 Premium
If you just want to follow them try their social like Google+ or Facebook or you could try following g them on WA all the best Max