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Last Update: November 10, 2015

Well here I am 3 months in and not were I thought I would be at this time, not having a 9 to 5 job and trying to keep our heads a above the waves has really put the kibosh on our lives.

I have tried a couple of things but did not work out,I have now the opportunity to go in to a business that I have been in and out of my whole life but have tried to not to have to do, so it must be fate that brings me back to this kinda work, at times I have been very good at it and others just done enough.

I know as my years are getting to be against me my options are getting less and less, you may think that if I put all time and effort in to WA I would not have to do this but we are all built and triggered differently and to get the piece of mind I need which is a steady income and enough to pay the bills is to do what I can here and progress on with the vocation.

They do say you are never to old to learn and I feel that is true, BUT and that is a bigun for me having the focus is what I feel holds me back, to often when reading my lips say the words but my mind is off in la la land why I ask? not sure, is what I read boring or what? don't know, so maybe my Focus needs to be more precise, how do I work on that I don't know, I feel in my heart of hearts that WA will work but to get it down with all the acronyms and cut here paste there and the rest of the computer jargon just overwhelms me.

Which door in side my head is not open that causes me to not FOCUS, I AM LOOKING FOR HELP AND HOPE.

I want to thank all that I have followed and that are following me and I will continue to the end and will also watch and be happy for those of you that do understand the ways of WA and make your mark in this world with your web sites and blogs, thanks for being a family, all the success to all of you and your immediate familys.

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I understand that you need the peace of mind of a steady income. Perhaps you will be able to return your attentions to WA at another time...Good luck with whatever you do