Driving in Foggy Weather

Last Update: August 04, 2017

It is summer time now and the weather where I am is almost perfect at times. It was just a month ago that a group of us were traveling on the Macon Georgia highway. I really got scared because that was the worst fog I have ever seen. Visibility at times was about 10 feet.

There was a Mazda driving in front of us with no brakes or fog lights to the back of it. Of course, we started praying because sometimes we just could not see that car at all.

Driving in Fog can be dangerous, we have to take all the necessary precautions and stay focus and drive slowly. Remember not to multitask. Prepare to stop suddenly if the person driving in front of you does the same thing.

It is recommended that you used low beam lights anytime visibility is less than 150 meters and remember to turn on your fog lights. You should equally remember to turn them off when the fog clears up because they can dazzle the eyes of other drivers.
Always remember to read road safety tips to help you stay safe on the road.

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AlexEvans Premium Plus
Thank you for sharing your thoughts always pays to be safety conscious.
LunaVC Premium
You are right we cannot be too careful.
MKearns Premium
Great advice Luna. Just north of that on the Kentucky-Tennessee border there was a 50 car chain collision due to fog!
LunaVC Premium
Wow! Fog can be dangerous.