Utilizing Social Media

Last Update: Mar 17, 2017


I am not new to the Face Book experience, so I now have created a page for each of my two blog sites. Social media can be the leg up if utilized. When I create a new blog post I simply visit my site and hit the share button (to the page a manage) simple. I also created a short Ad campaign for one. I am curious to see how much more traffic I can generate, so this will be a good and inexpensive experiment. And if it works, a worthwhile one.

I also share my posts to google+ but am still having issues with pinterest, even though I went through all of the steps to verify my site on that venue. No issues with twitter. I plan to utilize every social platform I can. This is not a venture I am taking lightly. I have been investing 3-5 hours per day, creating daily content. And having fun! My sites have been indexed and are still very young. Patience my dear, I tell myself. All in good time....

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You have the right idea, Lisa...

Great tips Lisa .. Cheers, William.

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