Every Training Video Is Valuable

Last Update: Apr 25, 2017


With each live training session I am filled with more insight on how affiliate marketing comes together.

I have been watching videos from before I joined WA and highly recommend that new members do the same. A lot of the questions can be answered by watching these training videos.

I search quite often for training videos and always find the answers I seek through the classrooms and video classes.

I know more today than I could ever hope to have learned on my own outside of WA.

One important aspect of these course lessons is the fact that if followed according to the course outline, your chances of success are greatly improved because you are not skipping important steps.

As Kyle explained in his very first live training video, putting the cart in front of the horse is not a good idea. There are certain steps that must be taken in order to be a success.

By treating your website(s) as a business and not just something new to try in order to make a quick buck, one will understand that any business takes time to develop and grow. Success isn't achieved over night.

My intention is to give my business a full year to grow and bloom before making a judgement on if it will succeed or fail. I do not intend to fail, so I will continue to absorb every bit of knowledge I can in order to succeed.

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I totally agree and nice post.

More people should understand what you know. I depend on those videos for the supplemental knowledge and insight you can't get anywhere else!

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