Why Twosday Is Significant For You & For Me

Last Update: February 22, 2022

I don't know about your neck of the woods but in mine, Twosday is causing quite a "hell-a-ba-loo". My Bestie rarely messages me first thing in the morning so when she does, I pay attention immediately, especially most recently as she managed to contract the dreaded Covid lurgy.

This morning I received a message from her at 06.29 - a normal morning time for her when she is well, unexpected today knowing she's wrestling Covid currently. The feature image is the one she shared - meaning she's feeling better on this special twosday - Yay!

This short blog is not about Covid though, so let's look at why twosday is significant for you and for me.

Did you know?

Here are some interesting facts about Twosday - I certainly didn't know them:

The date on Tuesday 22 February 2022 will be both a palindrome and an ambigram.

The date will read the same from left to right, from right to left, AND even upside down!

Don't believe me? Have a look-see here:

Right Way Up:

Upside Down:

By the way, I am not particularly smart, I didn't work this out, it was sent to me via Whatsapp.

In fact, the gorgeous Happy Twosday! the featured image above was sent to me too. I hope there's no copyright on it!


What Is The Significance of Twosday

According to News18.com :

  • There is no historical significance but this special lineup of the number two will only happen again in 200 years
  • The last time a palindrome date took place was 11 January 2011, (11/1/11) and the next time it will happen again in 11 years' time on 3 March 2033, i.e. 3-3-33
  • Many people around the world are planning to make the most of Twosday 2022, apparently, hundreds of people in Malaysia are getting married today - maybe you know someone?

There are a few more facts shared in the article, so click through and have a little read for yourself.

In fact, just a quick Google search of #Twosday will render loads of results - it's pretty interesting, take a look.

You could even take advantage of the hashtag for your own social media today - maybe too much competition? I'm not sure, it certainly is trending though.

I am Making Twosday Significant

I have decided to take today as a day where I draw a line in the sand for myself. From today there will be no more:

  • Succumbing to a newly acquired social media addiction (Facebook videos in particular)
  • Succumbing to the Covid inflicted Netflix addiction
  • Time wasting of any sort

What there will be more of:

  • Completion of training related videos and tasks
  • Publishing business-related social media posts
  • Writing and publishing blogs on my website/s
  • Writing and publishing blogs within WA
  • Participation within the WA community

How About You?

Does Twosday mean anything to you? Are you going to create momentum in your own life by drawing a line in the sand for yourself?

If so, share with us all below.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Twosday blog and I look forward to reading what you have to say too.

Happy Twosday to you and blessings as always

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ElizabethRo2 Premium
Great read Louise; it so happens that my brother's birthday is today when I called him to wish him the best of this day 2/22/2022, I told him that this is his unique number day, and he should enjoy it. He laughs and thanks me, then says I am well, alive, and washing my clothes. That's his great blessing.

Thanks for sharing, now, I will get back to my WA chore of business.

LouiseBT Premium Plus
Haha! Well, gratitude opens the door to many amazing things - being well, alive and able to wash clothes - even own clothes to wash - those are all big blessings.

Thank you for sharing, Elizabeth. 🤍
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
This was such a light, interesting and fun read this morning, Louise.
A very good friend, a Teacher, shared the significance of Twosday with me yesterday.
Today, she will be having some fun with it in her classroom.

I especially like how you will be making Twosday more significant and will enjoy sharing that with you.

For me, a simple and fun Facebook post will suffice.

Have a great day!

LouiseBT Premium Plus
Thank you, Cassi

I am sure the teachers are having a ball with Twosday today. Great to add some current-day fun in the classroom.

Like you, I am planning a simple and fun Facebook post. Just kick-starting the social media shares again.

Thank you for sharing 🤍
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
You are welcome, Louise.

Have a Terrific Twosday!!!

klww14 Premium
I didn't even notice all the 2's! Thanks for sharing. I get a kick out of this kind of thing.

Also, not related to Twosday, I have recently made a very similar commitment to myself regarding my marketing affiliate success.

One question, how will increasing your WA community participation increase your marketing affiliate success?
LouiseBT Premium Plus
Good question, Karen.

There are differing opinions about this but for me, the WA community is a training ground for what we do out in the big world of social media. The comments, followers, likes for particular posts, etc., teach me what to expect in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. That's my theory, anyways 😊 I also enjoy the interaction with like-minded people, of course.

Well done on your commitment - how are you going with that so far?
klww14 Premium
Some days it's two steps forward, one step back. Other days, it's the other way around. Ouch.

Fortunately, I'm finally wise enough to know that there are no shortcuts and perseverance is the key.

Soon, my forward progress will be consistent and I will be a Wealthy Affiliate.

Wishing the same for you.
RoweM1 Premium
Twosday might be significant to me as well because I discovered today that my new website has actually been indexed by Google.

However, for whatever reason WA site manager is telling me that it is still not yet indexed.

So I will mark 22022022 as a "new beginning" for my "new website".
LouiseBT Premium Plus
Definitely worth celebrating 🍾 Congratulations! 🍾
RoweM1 Premium
Thanks, Louise, and happy Twosday... it is a Tuesday today what a coincidence? Twosday on Tuesday.. wheww
AliWade Premium
Twosday for me has proved to be really significant (which always happens for a reason, and at the right time for me). I was meant to be going to my usual Tuesday morning Papercraft Group, but our tutor is ill so it was cancelled (literally as I was putting my shoes on). I take Tuesdays as a day off from Amazon KDP and housework, and the weather was rubbish first thing, so I decided to catch up some YouTube and reading blogs instead. I found myself clicking on a link for WA, and here I am now.
LouiseBT Premium Plus
Yay! Welcome to WA, Ali!
Twosday certainly is significant for you.