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Last Update: July 01, 2015

Let's be honest about ourselves.
All of us are here to find a way to make money online, right?

That's my dream too.
Everybody's wanting to find fast ways to make money on the Internet.

Maybe you're a stay-at-home-mom, maybe you want to make money from your blog, maybe you want an extra income, maybe you're unemployed and looking for a quick solution to pay your debts or maybe you just want to make enough money so you can finally quit your awful 9-5 job and fire your boss.

There's nothing wrong about it.
Or is there...?

Well... actually there is.

There are no fast ways to making money online.

It will take you:
- a lot of time
- a lot of dedication
- a lot of work
- a lot of study, research and... even more work
- a lot of belief
- a lot of overcoming your limitations and keep pushing forward

I'm not going to lie to you.

It's hard.
There will come times when you just want to give.
A lot of times.

But, AS LONG, as:
- you keep on working
- you continue studying
- you stick at following the training here at Wealthy Affiliate
- you're not afraid of asking for help from other members

You'll DO IT!

Just commit to it and:
- take frequent breaks so you won't get frustated
- look for answers
- learn what went wrong
- check what you can improve
- above all... TAKE ACTION!!!

And do not forget:
This is not about "making money online".
This is definitely about "earning money online".

There's a HUGE difference between those terms.

Your first task in this business is learning what that difference is.
It's thin layer is what separates FAILURE from SUCCESS.

"Making" relates to "fabricate".
"Earning" relates to "wining", "deserving", like a reward.

So work. But work well.
Put a lot of effort into it. But put your effort on the right stuff.

It's not about the amount of work, but the quality of work.
That's all that matters.

This is just my reflection.

To your success,
P.S.: Actually, I wanted to add my explanation of that crucial difference here, but it's too long for a blog post at WA. If you like to learn more about it and what that difference really means, I suggest you read it here: Please don't see this as SPAM -- adding related links to your blog posts is just a way of reinforcing what you're telling your readers.

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Recent messages
Great information Louie!
LouieLuc Premium
Thanks Robert!
womo2015 Premium
Hi Louie. Your stated so clear pro and con. In real day by day action we are not (I'm for sure not) clear. For me hardest point is just continuation what is started. I'm very restricted with money but not desperately looking for income. I created Business Plan for SBA (Small Business Association - big promise and lie) 3 WebSites and now my is on google first 1,2 position. Already 3 years day by day.
My conclusion is: how to generate constant stimulus factor to do it in long term?
LouieLuc Premium
I think you/we should always try to improve. How? Review what is working for you and what is not. Then, bet on what is and try to fix what is not.

And don't just stand there. Try to look for other sources of influence and information. Try to read a lot about this business and test everything until you feel you're leveraging it.

When the results start to come in -- and they will -- you'll feel extra motivated. Then, you'll just know what you have to keep doing. Someday, you'll get to the point you wanted.

Being an interpreneur is about overcoming your hurdles and obstacles instead of just giving up and looking for something easier (starting all over again). If you believe it and it makes sense, commit to it, no matter what (but of course, if it's not working, you gotta rethink all of it again).
womo2015 Premium
Yes, it is endless loop. I know this. My motivation came to me from history of my life. Generally you are right. Be patient and work thru obstacle day by day.
LouieLuc Premium
If you think about it, the fact that this business is hard is not a bad thing. It just makes it so much more worth it.
womo2015 Premium
Excellent point.
theone10 Premium
Your right and I've found out if you plan your work and work your plan it makes it easier to succeed. But you are right it's hard work and you earn every bit of money you can get. Hard work and determination is the way to make money online. Set realistic goals and work them if you don't meet your goals this month reset them for next month and continue on don't get discouraged and give up. Not all goals can be met in a realistic time frame but if you keep plugging forward it will all come together and when you look back it won't seam quite so hard. Thanks for the blog nice job of reminding me of my goals.
LouieLuc Premium
Precisely, theone10!
Keep it up.