Set Up a Tax Foundation

Last Update: July 08, 2010

Setting up a tax foundation for your business should be the first thing you need to do before starting out in the affiliate marketing industry, all the information over load  can sometimes cause people to overlook this step. Setting up a few key accounts before trying to open all the affiliate accounts that are needed will save you a lot of time.

Try to have a BUSINESS LICENSE ,EIN#, and a BUSINESS BANK ACCOUNT set up before you even start business.

Having these "SETUP FIRST" will make things easier when you need to start opening some of  the accounts you are going to need,  and to help keep track of your business expenses for tax write offs.


Depending on your tax situation you could have enough write offs to pay for your first year at the WAU!!!

Hows that for free money,   your gonna spend it anyhow might as well get some back.


Life Is Good!!!





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Lou rael Premium
Actually all you need is a sole proprietorship business license in the U.S. to be a legitimate home business, don't know about any other countries. Having the sole proprietorship business license allows me to write off a portion of my utilities, mortgage, dedicated business phone bill, WAU fees, domain names and anything else that I use for my marketing business.
wizard Premium
Are you talking about a non-profit foundation of some kind or maybe a regular LLC or Corporation? Sounds like a very good idea. I'd just like a little clarification. Wizard