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December 22, 2010
I've been Wealthy affiliate since 4/2009 and I have to give credit where credit is do, Kyle & Carson do a fantastic job adding killer content to the WA community and Jay TOO! I just earned my first $500.00  managing a marketing campaigne for a friend of mines local small business  Had him ranked for his keywords on Googles second page in three days, with a little more tweeking I should have on the first page within another day or two. And, I have to say, the WAbinars that Jay's bee
September 17, 2010
WOW!!!! I had my wallet stolen and was unable to pay my WAU fees. Due to all the bullshit that it caused me i had to postpone payment untill  I was able to clear it all up.   Kyle and Carson let me pick up right where i left of and Ijust wanted to thank you guys. Can honestly say I was going through some serious marketing withdraws!!! But to make things worse my hard drive crashed!! Its enough to make a person want to quit, but I can't... I honestly feel Internet
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I have very quickly come to understand,  that whining about your failures will get you NO  where in the internet marketing business or LIFE for that matter. When ever you run into a wall you just have to keep your head up, return to the drawing board,  revise your plan and continue forward.... heck!  you may have to revise several times before you you can get around that wall.   The key is to find something you love, have fun with it, and never quit, we can't control eve
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July 06, 2010
Google can be ruthless ... Two and a half years ago was the first time I decided I wanted to be an affiliate marketer. I clicked on a paid advertisement while searching Google for ways to make more money  online from home.   It was called the Spiderweb marketing system....Woooo!!   Following along with the video tutorials, I set up my very first PPC Google account, plugged in all the THOUSANDS  of pre picked ads and keywords and got ready for it to start making  me some
June 15, 2010
Setting up a tax foundation for your business should be the first thing you need to do before starting out in the affiliate marketing industry, all the information over load  can sometimes cause people to overlook this step. Setting up a few key accounts before trying to open all the affiliate accounts that are needed will save you a lot of time. Try to have a BUSINESS LICENSE ,EIN#, and a BUSINESS BANK ACCOUNT set up before you even start business. Having these "SETUP FIRST" wil