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Last Update: May 8, 2013


Over the past few years I have been trying to grasp the keyword process concept to the fullest. I realize my lack of focus and not taking the time to buckle down to understand the complete picture has delayed my progress some what! (A few years sorry to say) However, during that time I have learned the pieces of the puzzles quite well however, still slow to put them together for the complete picture.

I am glad to report, since the first of the year when I join WA I've had an AH HA moment. Something, like the light bulb going on or the morning alarm sounding kind of thing!

It takes good quality content and more content with the best/perfectly matched keywords attached to truly make the grade. Now that the pieces have come together and I'm working on a few campaigns I can truly appreciate the value of Jaaxy Enterprise. I call it The Enterprise Experience because for me to go to Jaaxy and get just what I need quickly and know what I'm doing is an exciting experience.

I'm a little slow at times catching on..... however, once I get it I got it and I so appreciate the incredible assistance I get from the upgrades to Jaaxy!

So with that being said, a great big shout out to both Carson and Kyle for moving forward to make the process of online marketing better and faster for those of us who need that extra help. Like the SORT FEATURE!

Wooooo,! Hoooooo! Sort baby Sort ;0)

Your WA FAN!!!

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