Do it the hard way or easy way?

Last Update: May 01, 2020

Decision making is part of our daily lives. We all can agree!

I decided to join WA and to this day I have no regrets in any way but I have come to a point where I had to think about what my niche should be about, this is very serious decision to make. It is make or break!

This made me felt that I couldn't breathe. I also was overwhelmed about everything that WA have to offer; training lessons, live events, friendly WA community, useful blogs and so much more. The information here at WA is overwhelming and amazing!

Even that I know that I can reach out to any platform for support and guidance I knew that I had to sit back and take in everything I have learned so far in the training lessons, live events and the useful blogs that everybody share within the WA community. It is very interesting to read everybody's views on life challenges or what is happening now all over the world with COVID 19 and so much more.

The decision to choose a "Niche" for me has become a huge burden. I couldn't decide on my niche as a result I couldn't continue with the training lessons.

For the first time in my life I felt that the darkness overwhelmed me because I didn't know what to do!

But through my life I have always chosen the hard way of doing something and I have never ever regret it.

To give you an example I have learned myself how to build a wooden deck, how to restore cars, how to trade, developed our company quality management system and many more.

The hard way have not been easy at all but if I look back at my decisions I made to do it the hard way I wouldn't have been in the position where I am now because I would not have learned anything that can add value to my life.

Life is hard and to acquire a skill that people will pay you for is extremely hard to acquire.

My niche will be to help people Succeed!

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

Looking forward to your views and suggestions.

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way2insane Premium
Nice read, love the post.
Wanting to help people succeed is a worthy goal. But it isn't much of a is a desire.

It's on the same level as saying you want to help people to eat.
I only say this because I want to help YOU succeed.

Being overwhelmed with choices with no context to form a decision on of the most difficult situations to find oneself.

But wanting to help people succeed is so vast & so vague that it doesn't even qualify as a genre. You will quickly find yourself back to being overwhelmed....

I don't remember how much of this is covered within the training....if at all, but here goes:

The three main focuses your business can pursue is:

Pick one...and only one. This is the context/angle...the direction of flow you will build your business around.

To continue with the "eat" theme as an example. This level of consideration is akin to deciding to talk ONLY about meat, or vegetables....or fasting.

Choosing to focus on only one aspect is key to forming a proper niche. I can not stress this enough. Eventually you will branch out into the other two...but ONLY in context to how it relates to your first choice.

Now that you've chosen a direction it's time to choose an focus:

For example, let's say you choose meat.
Health Focus:
Keto is an excellent example of a health focus in regards to eating meat.
Wealth Focus:
Ranching is a superb example of choosing wealth in regards to eating meat.
Family barbecue is a decent example of focusing on relationships in regards to meat.

You now have enough of a direction to begin building content...but care must be taken....cause this is the equivalent of choosing the location for your home (in the mountains, on the beach...on a farm, in the city, etc).
We are still several levels away from being able to decide on our niche.

Now this next bit is not common's just my own spin on standard procedures.
I then go thru that same checklist of "focus" on the first decision.
For example:
With Keto I now to decide to either:
further focus down on the health benefits (or concerns)
pivot into how to make money with Keto
or get into the relationship aspects of Keto

At this level, you have chosen the style of home you are going to build (Log Cabin, Victorian, Modern, Queen Anne, etc).

Next portion is choosing on what products/services to promote based on their relationship to YOUR business.

At this level you are in effect deciding on the internal floorplan & rooms your soon to be home will have.

I'm not going to discuss more than that at this time, because at this level of planning are moving from overwhelm from too many choices to suffering from analysis paralysis from having too many details to keep track of.

Each person's "goldilocks" spot in regards to planning is different.

Indeed, entire courses/companies have been built trying to accommodate the variable needs of individuals in regards to overwhelm vs paralysis.
It is partly why you see so many people passionate about the various training programs and you hear screams of "SCAM" & "this is the GREATEST ever" in equal measure.

After you reach this far into your planning, I would definitely start building (if you haven't yet). In between your building will need to further investigate voice, avatar, target audience...vehicle of delivery (whether you are going to pursue blog/video/audio (or some combination thereof)). Branding, joint ventures, email lists, email segmentation....there is really is a ton. But most are not necesary to begin earning money online. They are mainly "next level" stuff for when you've already have your niche pinned down & you are starting to develop some overlap between the various aspects of focus.

For right now, you want to remove yourself as far away from competition you can be...without actually being so unique that you are by yourself. To be in untested waters leaves your business vulnerable on several fronts.
1) When bringing something totally new to the market...most people have a "wait & see" reaction. Most totally new/untried concepts die in this desert. Regardless to how good the idea/product actually is.
2) You are doing all the hard work that others will emulate and profit from without having the associated costs that it took you to get there (think how facebook now dominates it's sphere that was pioneered by xanga, myspace, and geocities)

Anyway, sorry for such a long post...I hope you find it useful in your journey.
LorneA Premium
Your message is really something that I will review often while I am still deciding on my Niche. My industry is a lot different then online marketing. We show a customer the quality of our workmanship and they are hooked. But to start an online business on the side is very confusing because you dont have an actual product to supply. Thanks for your Great message!
JeffreyBrown Premium
You'll get it figured out, my friend, and if you don't like it later you can always pic a new one!

LorneA Premium
Thanks Jeff for the positive feedback.
JeffreyBrown Premium
You're very welcome!

StephenThiam Premium
Do it hard way can add more value to you, it is true. No fun to do the easy way. I support you to do the hard way. Like our senior say to you, smart is always the right way to succeed. No conflict to choose the hard way. Be success.
LorneA Premium
Thank you Stephen I hope things will be better for you as well. Currently I lack the SMART when it comes to online business but hopefully it will change in the near future.
megawinner Premium
The best way is to do it SMART!
LorneA Premium
Thank you Florentino! Very wise words...
megawinner Premium
Xoda Premium
Doing it the "easy" way never made a champion. Going through the dark and doing it the hard way is what makes diamonds. They ARE formed under great pressure. Through pain, sacrifice, self-discipline and adversity we become more powerful than those who don't. It is our advantage, our edge... use it.
LorneA Premium
Thanks Koda! What you said is so True and Powerful!