My Wealthy Affiliate Training And Blog Success

Last Update: December 17, 2015

I have come a long way, people actually think i'm not that much of a rookie but I still believe I am in many ways. There are still so many things to learn and this can't be done overnight. I can't believe I never knew this place existed.

My success at Wealthy Affiliate: after following some basic get started training, left me wanting to know more. I enjoyed following the easy to use steps and watching the little videos. Now I have finally built my first wordpress style blog.

Now I am not a pro and being dyslexic a post could take me an hour or so. Yet even I managed to get my domain sorted out and get set up with a little help from some people in the community discussions. Now my site looks like it could be professional. Content I thought was easy , then I realized I didn't know enough. After making a few notes and coming up with some questions I soon had an idea of what to write. The best bit is if I searched in google, I could find web pages about my topic or niche. I used some of these to get even more ideas of what I could do.

Tools I have learned to use: Before I started I never really knew what a blog tool was, then I realized there were so many I didn't know what to use or how to use them. The training taught me the importance of using things like key words and seo. I'm still learning to find some better keywords but I am doing quite well so far. Sometimes I refer back to the training just to check. I am looking foward to growing and doubling or tripling my blog traffic over the coming year.

My Blog will Grow: My success at Wealthy Affiliate has shown me that my blog will lead me to even more success online. As I grow so shall my blog. My content will soon start getting ranked and I have already submitted after a google search, my blog to over 400 search engines so it can be found more easily. I use Twitter and Facebook for another blog I started creating a year ago. Now i'm posting this one on Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook and even Pinterest. Im hoping to refer them to each other for even more traffic free. In the next year my blog is going to hit 70+ posts. Im also going to be adding some video and even more images to my site. This is to make even easier to understand for the user, while still keep it looking nice.

Soon my blog traffic will pick up as more people find it. Maybe I look into some paid traffic in the future when I have 100 posts or more. For now I look foward to making my first blog revenue.

Thanks for reading and all the best in your success.

From Carol.

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Ravel Premium
You are doing great so far. Keep on going and I´m sure the traffic will increase and so is your success.
Keep up the good work.
lorac4000 Premium
Thanks for your comment. I know free traffic will take time. I think free is more permanent than paid. Paid i'm told would be like a quick fix, a bombardment of traffic but no guarantee of the right customers or sales. It is short term less you can afford to keep paying out for it. My success will grow either way due to my increase in my site popularity. I hope any way.
Ravel Premium
You are right. There are lots of programs on the market which bring traffic, but they are not interested in your site.
It should be targeted traffic.