Choosing the Right Keywords

Last Update: January 12, 2017

We all should know by now keyword research is the most important part of SEO.

If you didn't know this you need to go back and follow the training here at WA.

If you don't get your keyword research and strategy right for what your optimizing for, then quite truthfully you're just wasting your time and you should't be looking at anything else because what are you even optimizing for?

The very first thing you should do before any research is to consider the intent of a search.

Think in terms of natural language. Google says their search engines are getting better at understanding our natural language searches and this is only going to get better with voice search on the increase.

This means long-tailed keyword phrases are more important than ever.

Use Multiple Tools To Get Better Results

Don't just stick to one keyword research tool. Each tool has its strength and weaknesses and they each get their results from different sources to come up with their suggestions.

By using multiple tools you will also get a more rounded list of keywords to target, allowing you to better reach your target audience.

The tools I use:

Not All Keywords Are Created Equal

Now that you have a good list of keywords you need to prioritize which keywords have the most potential:

  • What's the search and traffic volume of the keyword?
  • How competitive (QSR) is the keyword?

The above points can all be achieved using either Jaaxy or the WA Keyword.

I personally just use the WA Keyword Tool and I do so by following Roberts method of using it.

A couple of other things to ask yourself are:

  • What's the intent of the search term (i.e. will this attract the type of person I want?)
  • How important is this keyword to my business and website’s success?

To dig deep even further to see how competitive your keywords are is to go to Google and do a search.

Take a look at all the posts that are on Page 1 and take a note of:

  • How are they using the keyword.
  • What other keywords are they using.
  • How is this keyword being used i.e. to learn, complete a task, to purchase.

Use Keywords Closely Related Based On Relevance And Intent

When you're writing a page or a post don't settle with targeting one specific keyword. Try to target up to 3 or 4 closely related keywords grouped by relevance and the intent of the searcher.

For example if someone searched for "rugby union highlights" they might also search "super rugby highlights' or "super rugby scores".

All these keywords;

  • are related.
  • focus on the same topic.
  • have a common intent.

Don't Treat Keyword Research As A One Time Task

Don't rest on your laurels once you have published a post.

You should regularly check within Google Console to see which queries you a ranking for.

When you are in Google Console go to Search Traffic - Search Analytics and then sort by Pages. The reason you sort by pages rather than by quires is you make page changes not quire changes.

Then have the boxes checked off for Clicks, Impressions, Position, and CTR (Click Through Rate).

Now you will get a list of all your posts listed by which ones that are getting the most clicks.

Click on the very first listed post.

Now sort by Quires, you will now have a list of quires that are driving you traffic to that post. It will show you the clicks, impressions, CTR and positioning.

Look for ones that have a high CTR and a low position of 5 or lower. Once you find keywords that match this criteria make sure these keywords are in your post and make sure they are also in your title tags and meta description.

Doing this simple change will help you get more searched traffic.

I hope you have learnt something out of this post. I have sort done it for myself as a reference to follow as well. Didn't know whether to do a training on it but anyway I ended up writing this blog post, it just seemed easier to do it this way.

I hope to write some more on this topic soon.

Let me know how you do your research or have anything to add.


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BeauAndNik Premium
super legit post Shane.. This will be a massive help to peeps!
lomulomu11 Premium
Thanks bro
MoragK Premium
Hi, Shane, thanks for the great advice. I'm going to bookmark it for further reading. I'm floundering a little with getting the right keywords. This will help. All the best.
lomulomu11 Premium
Hi Ann, thanks for checking out my blog post.

It definitely helps to have some sort of strategy in place and a process to follow.

I recently read a similar post by leoemery who suggested to use a spreadsheet to keep track of the keywords you find which I thought was a great idea as well.

All the best
Daymo Premium
Cracking advice Shane - Very well put together and a great tip for all the WA Fam to learn from

Thanks for taking the time to write this buddy appreciate it
lomulomu11 Premium
Thanks for the kind words Damian.

I forgot to also add the Alphabet Soup Technique which Kyle teaches in the training as a good source to find keywords.

All the best..
Daymo Premium
Yeah true - loving that soup its great tactic